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Law College ‘Anti-Racism’ Fellow Caught on Camera Piling Vicious Hatred on ‘Ugly…Little Jewish People’

At some point in the last five years, we stopped merely studying history’s darkest moments and began experiencing them.

For instance, in an 11-second viral clip posted Wednesday to the social media platform X, a woman identified as Loyola Marymount University graduate student Grace Obi-Azuike effectively re-enacted a scene from Nazi Germany when she spewed venomous anti-Jewish hatred and, significantly, incurred no apparent rebuke from the younger people around her who attended an event featuring Israel Defense Forces members.

“Get the f*** out of here, all you ugly-a** little Jewish people in this b****,” the California law student appeared to say in a clip shared by the StopAntisemitism X account.

Obi-Azuike made the comment while seated and signaling in the direction of people who did not appear on camera.

Her insidious remark drew a look of astonishment but also an open-mouthed smile from an androgynous-looking person seated to her left. The male-looking person to her right wore the cloth mask of the COVID cult. His reaction, therefore — perhaps thankfully — remains a mystery.

But some attendees clapped or otherwise voiced approval.

“Oooooh, hooooo, yeah,” an unidentified female voice said.

At that point, an older, suit-wearing man walked over to Obi-Azuike and stood to her left. The camera did not capture what happened next, but he did not appear pleased as he rubbed his chin.

Readers may view the clip below:

According to the Los Angeles school’s Jewish Law Students Association, the Adolf Hitler-like outburst occurred as part of a calculated effort by multiple law students to disrupt an event that featured firsthand accounts from Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

On Instagram, JLSA reported that “a few attendees left trembling as they made their way to their vehicles.”

As one would expect in this age of woke narcissism, the Loyola Law School boasts its own Anti-Racism Center.

The StopAntisemitism post referred to Obi-Azuike as a 2022-2023 fellow at the center — and the humor-focused, real-news site Not the Bee did likewise based on her now-deleted LinkedIn page.

Her intellectual profile certainly fits that of an anti-racist narcissist.

For instance, Obi-Azuike also belonged to the California ChangeLawyers organization.

“Our scholars and fellows are law students and recent law grads who are BIPOC, First Generation, LGBTQ+ and others whose lived experiences and identities are underrepresented in the halls of power,” the group’s scholar and fellow directory proclaimed.

As of Thursday afternoon, Obi-Azuike still appeared on the directory page. The following note appeared on her scholar profile:

“Our community has informed us of an incident that occurred earlier this week at Loyola Law School involving one of our scholarship recipients.

“ChangeLawyers exists to build a more inclusive multiracial democracy that protects and respects the humanity of all people — including our Jewish, Black, Muslim, and Women-identified communities. Any words or actions that denigrate the humanity of others flies in the face of our values. We do not condone racism or hate speech in any form, spoken or posted online.

“To all our community members: You Belong. ChangeLawyers will always be a place of compassion, empathy, and understanding.”

Obi-Azuike also appeared among the California Association of Black Lawyers‘ 2024 law student scholarship recipients.

On Feb. 2, LMU recognized Obi-Azuike among 11 graduate finalists who each received $5,000 to support research “focused on areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.”

She also has served as president of the LLS Black Law Students Association. In that role, with a paean to the Juneteenth holiday, she provided a glimpse into the mind of a young narcissist.

“We comprise the generation of individuals that have the strongest ability to dismantle and end racism throughout this country,” Obi-Azuike wrote.

Predictably, she also insisted on the need to “understand the intersection between law and systemic racism.”

In other words, like many young victims of woke education and culture, Obi-Azuike sees the world primarily through skin color — and she obviously felt empowered to count herself with the “generation” that could “dismantle and end racism.”

Oh, how our schools have failed to encourage humility in such self-important crusaders.

Nonetheless, though unfortunate to have come of age in an era that validates narcissism, Obi-Azuike is no victim here.

For one thing, she reminds us that anti-racism amounts to nothing more than institutionally approved racism.

More importantly, her ugly outburst called to mind a 1998 book by historian Christopher R. Browning.

In “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland,” Browning explained how a group of “average middle-aged Germans” transformed into executioners during the Holocaust.

In short, it did not take much for those initially reluctant killers to become eager instruments of mass murder.

Above all, it took an atmosphere in which officials encouraged such phrases as “you ugly-a** little Jewish people.”

Not long ago, we could study the past and wonder how things could have ever turned so dark. Now, however, we wonder no more.