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Masked Protester Shouts ‘We Are Hamas’ at New York Rally

A protester taking part in a Gaza Solidarity Encampment demonstration near Columbia University in New York City on Wednesday left no doubt about where her allegiance lies.

Video footage, posted on X by watchdog nonprofit StopAntisemitism, shows the masked woman wearing a keffiyeh banging on an NYPD barricade while shouting: “We’re all Hamas!” and “Long live Hamas!” in reference to the terrorist organization that attacked Israel on Oct. 7, 2023.

In the video, the person behind the camera asks the protester, “You’re what? You’re Hamas?”

The unidentified woman replies, “Yes, we’re all Hamas, pig!”

The protest, which included both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators, was happening as the university’s president was being grilled by congress over anti-Semitism, the New York Post reported.

The same protester who declared “We are Hamas” can be seen in another clip shared by Freedom News TV yelling, “Get the f— out of our faces. Now!”

This response lead to a woman with an Israeli flag draped over her shoulders yelling into the camera, “Get these f—ing lunatics! Why don’t you arrest them?”

The Ivy League school’s Task Force on antisemitism found “repeated violations by student groups” at Columbia after the Hamas terror attacks in Israel.