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Polish Children Re-enact Auschwitz Gassing in School Show

Polish school kids donned Nazi uniforms and used a smoke machine to re-enact the gassing of the prisoners of Auschwitz, one of the worst concentration camps established by Nazi Germany in WWII.

This apparently was done as part of an Auschwitz-themed performance commemorating the Polish kids deported and killed under the Nazi occupation. The event was reportedly held in the town of Labunie several days ago during a ceremony that saw the school renamed to Children of Zamosc. Kids as young as sever years of age were reportedly involved in the performance.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum condemned the Labunie performance, saying on Twitter, “The idea of dressing up students this age in SS uniforms and staging death scenes with them is simply bad. Adults who organized this lack [the] elementary sensitivity needed to educate children with such a tragic and challenging history.”

Source: https://www.algemeiner.com/2020/01/01/polish-children-wear-german-nazi-uniforms-reenact-auschwitz-gassing-in-school-show/