Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Two Women Attack a Jewish Man in Brooklyn

Two female attackers yelled “F— you Jew” and “I will kill you Jews” at a Brooklyn man before shoving him to the ground when he tried to film their anti-Semitic screed, law enforcement sources and witnesses said Wednesday.

The two African American women approached the 22-year-old Hasidic victim at Gerry and Rutledge Streets in Broadway Triangle where they began taunting him with anti-Semitic slurs, the law enforcement source said.

The first woman began yelling at the victim before the second woman grabbed his cell phone, broke it in half and threw it to the ground, the source said.

One witness too afraid to be named told The Post the women shoved the victim to the ground when he tried filming them and threw the phone in his face after breaking it, they said.

Officers from the 90th Precinct responded to an assault on the corners of Broadway and Lorimer Streets in Broadway Triangle at 12.45 p.m. and had two people in custody, the NYPD confirmed.

The victim sustained minor injuries after he was hit in the face with a cell phone, police said, but did not confirm whether the assault was a hate crime.

The assault is at least the 12th reported anti-Semitic attack in the Big Apple in the past week.

One Hasidic woman, 38, who only wanted to be known as Sharon, expressed the heartache felt by the entire Jewish community in the wake of the horrific attacks.

“Why do they keep doing this to us?” she told The Post Wednesday. “We mean them no harm, yet they’re always cursing at us and hitting us.”

Source: https://nypost.com/2020/01/01/jewish-man-attacked-by-two-women-after-trying-to-film-anti-semitic-tirade/