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Nerdeen Kiswani Named 2020 Antisemite of the Year

Nerdeen Kiswani Named 2020 Antisemite of the Year
Public votes terrorist sympathizer as top Jew-hating bigot


Terrorist-supporting CUNY law student Nerdeen Kiswani has been named the 2020 Antisemite of the Year, on Monday, in a contest hosted by StopAntisemitism.org. The annual contest invites the public to vote for the vilest antisemites who spread hatred and bigotry in America. Last year, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar took home the crown.

Following a five-week period of public voting, thousands of people selected Nerdeen Kiswani, Simone Zimmerman and Ice Cube as the top three finalists. Each contender chose to propagate Jew-hated in an already painful year, struck by the Coronavirus pandemic, economic turmoil and political divide—events that have exacerbated the rise in antisemitism. However, the race between Kiswani and Zimmerman tightened after news broke about Ice Cube working with the Zionist Organization of America to retract some of his hateful comments.

The winner of this year’s shameful title, Nerdeen Kiswani, boasts a despicable resume of antisemitic and oftentimes violent behavior. She is infamous for calling for death to America and Israel during the July 2020 Brooklyn ‘Day of Rage’ protests, threatening to set an African-American man on fire over wearing an IDF sweatshirt, glorifying terrorism on social media, and bullying a Jewish student out of their law school.

“Antisemitism is a serious problem that requires serious consequences for those who promote it,” said StopAntisemitism.org Executive Director Liora Rez. “Too many antisemites like Kiswani are spreading their radical hate through mainstream sectors, from education to law, by disguising it as criticisms of Israel. We must expose the real goals of these antisemites to prevent them from destroying our society. This is why StopAntisemitism.org has been at the forefront of efforts that call on public and private entities to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, which defines anti-Zionism as antisemitism. We are taking action against hate before it’s far too late.”