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Cornell Diversity Director Under Fire for Praising Hamas

A diversity and inclusion director at Cornell University has come under fire over disturbing social media posts supporting Hamas and dismissing the terror group’s slaughter of innocent civilians as a “resistance.”

Derron Borders, of the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, voiced his support for the Palestinians and criticized Israel following the devastating invasion by Hamas terrorists who killed more than 900 people.

“When you hear about Israel this morning and the resistance being launched by Palestinians, remember against all odds Palestinians are fighting for life, dignity, and freedom — alongside others doing the same — against settle colonization, imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, which the United States is the model,” Borders wrote on his Instagram Story.

“F–k your fake outrage at Palestine when you’ve literally been silent about the violence perpetuated by Israel against Palestine every day,” Borders wrote on the day of the Hamas invasion.

On Monday, he posted that Hamas’ massacre was inexcusable, but continued to compare it to the Israeli government’s past actions against the Palestinians.

“The atrocities and violence towards innocent people in Israel is absolutely horrifying and should be condemned,” he wrote. “The state-sanctioned violence and denial of self-determination for the Palestinian people by the Israeli government is also terrible and should be condemned.”

Borders’ statement came as a shock to Itai Liptz, a Jewish man and director and CEO of RIMAR Capital, who has called for Cornell to fire Borders for his tone-deaf comments amid the violence and kidnappings experienced by the Israeli people.

“This is especially saddening given Mr. Borders position, which is one of influence and one that is expected to promote inclusion and harmony,” Liptz wrote.

Cornell University said in a statement that it had been made aware of the comments, but noted that Borders was “an employee who has been on a leave of absence from the university for several months.”

The college did not elaborate further.

Borders did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The backlash against the Cornell administrator comes following similar controversies by Harvard and Columbia student groups, who suggested Israel was “entirely responsible” for Hamas’ mass slaughter.

Like Borders, the Ivy League students condemned Israel as a perpetrator of imperialism and supported Palestinians’ fight for land, likening the existence in the slums in Gaza to apartheid.

Larry Summers, the former Treasury secretary and Harvard University president, has slammed the students’ comments and the school over its lack of response to the controversial statement.

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/10/10/cornell-diversity-and-inclusion-director-slammed-for-tone-deaf-posts-on-israel-hamas-war/