Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Elton John Signs Letter Condemning Antisemitism, Racism

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Renowed British musician Elton John announced in an Aug. 4 Instagram post that he and husband David Furnish signed the #NoSilenceInMusic letter condemning systemic racism and anti-Semitism.

John wrote, “There is no room for any kind of prejudice in music, or in society as a whole. We must be united to eradicate all forms of racism and hatred against people because of who they are, or what they believe in. Music is a place for spreading joy.”

The letter, published on Aug. 1, denounced all forms of bigotry.

“Whether it be systemic racism and racial inequality highlighted by continued police brutality in America or anti-Jewish racism promulgated through online attacks, the result is the same: suspicion, hatred and division,” the letter stated. “We are at our worst when we attack one another.”

It added, “Minorities from all backgrounds and faiths have struggled and suffered. From slavery to the Holocaust, we have painful collective memories. All forms of racism have the same roots — ignorance, lack of education and scapegoating.”

The letter concluded that silence on the matter is unacceptable. “Music brings joy and hope and connects us all,” it stated. “Through music, education and empathy, we can find unity. We stand together, to educate and wipe out racism now and for our future generations.”

The letter has received approximately 700 signatures from people in the music industry, including former One Direction member Niall Horan and members of British pop rock band The 1975.

The letter was published following a series of tweets from British rapper Wiley in July, including “Jewish people you make me sick.” Wiley since has been banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and the British Cabinet Office is reportedly reviewing Wiley’s Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) award.