Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Students Plead with California University Officials to Address Campus Jew Hatred

Jewish students at UC San Diego have called on university administration to take steps to stem what they characterized as a “blatantly antisemitic” environment on the campus in the aftermath of Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

In a lengthy email sent to dozens of administrators and faculty members on Monday, eight campus groups, including Hillel of San Diego, called on the university to “unequivocally condemn and take disciplinary action” to stop harassment and violence against Jewish students.

“We ask you to hear our pleas and acknowledge that what we’re experiencing is blatantly antisemitic,” according to the letter. “Why is such Jew hatred acceptable and normalized in a way that no other form of hate or racism would be tolerated on campus?”

The letter said growing antisemitism on campus has forced Jewish students to move out of residence halls, drop courses, avoid speaking in class, and take alternate routes on campus.

“The last seven months on campus have been filled with harassment and discrimination for Jews at UC San Diego,” the student groups said.

The letter cited multiple incidents where protesters at the since-cleared encampment called for murdering Jews and eliminating Israel. “Calling for the death of innocent Jews because of their heritage is undoubtedly antisemitic, no matter your opinion on the ongoing war,” the students wrote.

Times of San Diego has reached out to UC San Diego for comment on the letter.