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Pro-Hamas Harvard Group Erects Antisemitic ‘Apartheid Wall’

The Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) at Harvard University, one of the most controversial and notorious anti-Zionist student groups in the US, has erected its annual “Apartheid Wall” to mark a week of anti-Israel hate and smear.

This year’s “Israeli Apartheid Week” came several months after PSC led a campaign to blame Israel for Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre and denigrate the lives of the civilians murdered by the terrorist group. According to reports, PSC’s Apartheid Wall has been provided robust 24-hour security, a privilege not afforded to the campus’ Hillel group when it mounted a menorah near Widener Library and was forced to dismount it every night.

“Harvard upholds apartheid,” “We are all complicit,” and “Divest Harvard,” were among the slogans written on the wall. The structure also contained a quote by Ghassan Kanafani, who was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group, saying, “The Palestinian cause is not a cause for Palestinians only, but a cause for every revolutionary wherever he is, as a cause of the exploited and oppressed masses in our era.”

Founded in 1967, the PFLP is an international terrorist group that has carried out attacks against Israeli civilians and opposed negotiating with the Jewish state to establish peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The group’s acts of terror included hijacking civilian airplanes and mass shootings. It was officially designated as a terrorist organization by the US Department of State in 1997.

During his life, Kanafani denied participating in violence. He was killed in 1972. His death was attributed to Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, just after the PFLP and another terrorist organization, the Japanese Red Army, massacred over two dozen people at Lod Aiport — which has since been renamed Ben Gurion International Airport.

“Remember when Jews at Harvard had to bring in their menorah every night at Hanukkah because the school couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t be vandalized? This ‘apartheid wall’ is on display now at Harvard yard, complete with quotes from terrorists, guarded 24/7 by school security,” columnist and social media consultant Yael Bar tur, who has lectured at Harvard Kennedy School, said on X/Twitter about the display. “The inspirational quote by the way, which they attribute proudly in their art project, is from the spokesperson for the PFLP — a Palestinian-Marxist- Leninist terror organization that is known for hijacking planes and planting bombs that murdered dozens of civilians worldwide.”

The Algemeiner has asked Harvard University to respond to Bar tur’s apparent allegation of anti-Jewish bias in its security.

The months following Oct. 7 have been described by critics of Harvard as a low-point in the history of the school, America’s oldest and, arguably, most prestigious institution of higher education. Since the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas, Harvard has been accused of fostering a culture of racial grievance and antisemitism, while important donors have suspended funding for programs. Its first Black president, Claudine Gay, resigned in disgrace last month after being outed as a serial plagiarist. Her tenure was the shortest in the school’s history.

Numerous antisemitic incidents have further blighted the university’s reputation. In February, Harvard Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine (FSJP), a group which describes itself as a “collective” committed to falsely accusing Israel of genocide and dispossession, shared an antisemitic cartoon on Instagram. Showing a hand tattooed with a Star of David containing a dollar sign at its center while dangling a Black man and an Arab man from a noose, it sparked condemnations from across the country and the university’s interim president Alan Garber.

In November, a mob of anti-Zionists — including Ibrahim Bharmal, editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review — followed, surrounded, and intimidated a Jewish student. “Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!” the crush of people screamed in a call-and-response chant into the ears of the student who —as seen in the footage — was forced to duck and dash the crowd to free himself from the cluster of bodies that encircled him.

The university is currently being investigated by the US House Committee on Education and the Workforce for what federal lawmakers have described as a failure to address surging antisemitism on campus. The school has been accused of obstructing the fact-finding process.