Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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California Art Installation Vandalized with Antisemitic Symbol

A mural in Eureka’s southern Park & Ride location, part of the city’s 2023 mural festival, was vandalized with a swastika, the letters DANC, and what appears to be the letter “J” in white paint nearby. This incident occurred at the Herrick Avenue Hwy 101 overpass on Pound Road.

A large swastika drawn in white paint scars the popular parking location. The hate symbol stands out against the gradient blues of the artwork covering the pavement, next to word appearing to read “DANC”.

The swastika has long been seen as a symbol of hate related to the Holocaust commonly associated with Hitler’s Nazi Germany, but has also been used with more current “neo-nazi” groups who, according to sources on antisemitism “self identify with a white-supremist” social or political ideology.

Zoë Gelfant, a Canadian artist who was part of Eureka’s 2023 Street Art Festival, is known for the colorful abstract flowing works of art she creates. Now, her ocean-themed work of art is in need of a touch-up.