Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic ‘Goyim Defense League’ (GDL) Flyers Found in Oklahoma City Neighborhood

Several antisemitic flyers and packets found in an Oklahoma City metro neighborhood.

Fox 25 spoke with a man who made it a point to drive around his community and pick up each of the packets. He then reported it to the police.

“Whether it’s racism against black people, Jewish people, Islamic people, it doesn’t matter. It’s wrong,” Jim Potts said.

In and around Westchester Drive Saturday, Potts picked up more than a dozen packets that shared hateful conspiracy theories about Jews in the media and politics.

The Jewish advocacy group StopAntisemitism has been tracking the activities of those responsible – the Goyim Defense League’ or ‘GDL’ for over five years and state they vilify Jews with their premeditated hate campaigns.

“I couldn’t let it stand, and this was the line. Somebody had crossed the line, and I felt like I had to do something. The only thing I knew to do was to pick it up, and not let it loose in my community.”

On several pages of the packet, it says “these flyers were distributed randomly without malicious intent.”

Rabbi Abby Jacobson with Emanuel Synagogue says she doesn’t believe that one bit.

“Well obviously there’s malicious intent,” Rabbi Jacobson said. “Obviously this is intended to turn people and sway opinion against the Jewish community. Both in the United States, and worldwide.”

According to Jacobson, antisemitism is nothing new to the Oklahoma Jewish community.

“I wish I could say this is the last time this is going to happen. Unfortunately, we’ve dealt with it before.”