Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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 National Socialist Movement (NSM)

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is one of the oldest white supremacist and anti-Zionist groups in the United States. Founded in 1974 in Michigan as a splinter group of the American Nazi Party, it claims to specialize ‘in theatrical and proactive protests,’ with its website showcasing a 25-point manifesto that advocates a white ethno-state in which European descendants are the only citizens.

The group’s resurgence began in 2004, in the wake of the deaths of anti-Zionist William Pierce and Jew-hating Richard Butler, two major American neo-Nazi leaders. Until 2007, NSM thugs organized in full Nazi uniforms, before trading in their attire for black battle dress uniforms that resemble the SS in Nazi Germany.

At their rallies, conventions, and protests, supporters wave Nazi flags, wear Nazi armbands, brandish weapons, destroy Israeli flags, and shout antisemitic and anti-Black messages. Jew hatred is fundamental to NSM’s ideology, many of whose members recently spread anti-Jewish and biased propaganda related to COVID-19, arguing that the pandemic was engineered by Jews as a power grab. Slogans affiliated with the Neo-Nazi outfit include “Sieg Heil”, “white power” and “Jews will not replace us.”

NSM members marching in central PA, 2020

NSM also protests LGBT Pride events, often shouting obscenities and homophobic slurs at the attendees. Its events are frequently live-streamed on the American Nazi Party’s website and were streamed on BlogTalk Radio before losing access, which NSM blamed on “the Jew.” The group has also been accused of distributing antisemitic fliers, filled with bias against the Jews, in cities across America, including San Francisco, Miami, and Houston.

A member of the NSM urinates on an Israeli flag during a Pride march in Detroit

Many of its members have been arrested and charged with various crimes, such as theft, battery, and aggravated assault. Longtime leader Jeff Schoep stepped down in 2019 and renounced his racist past. Subsequently, Jew-hater Burt Colucci took power and immediately modified the group’s logo to include a swastika. Today, Colucci is considered America’s top Neo-Nazi, advocating violence against minorities and organizing various rallies, including one in Arizona to mark Adolph Hitler’s birthday. Collucci has been in many confrontations with the law, including being arrested and charged with aggregated assault with a deadly weapon when he allegedly drew a semi-automatic pistol and threatened a group of Black men at a rally. Colucci’s Jew-hatred, anti-Zionism, and racism have led him to advocate violence against Jewish and Black people, but under his leadership, NSM membership has drastically decreased, leading Colucci to collaborate with other hate groups, including ’14 First,’ led by Eddie McBride.

NSM is estimated to have anywhere from a few dozen to nearly 100 dues-paying members. Prominent supporters include Joshua Terrell, Jason Brown, Mike Schloar, Ronald Murray, and Jew-hating Timothy Wilson, the latter of whom was killed in a shoot-out with FBI agents after a months-long domestic terrorism investigation. Unlike other white supremacist movements, NSM has an open-arms recruiting policy, allowing other like-minded groups to participate in NSM activity.

Today, they hold occasional demonstrations, including participating in the notorious 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.