Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Tony Liu

Peter Liu is a fringe candidate running for mayor in Oakland, California, who went on an atrocious antisemitic tirade this past week in an email thread he sent to dozens of Bay Area journalists, news organizations, Jewish community contacts, and fellow candidates filled with antisemitic insults after he was not invited to a mayoral candidate forum.

“These sh*tty Jews are once against [sic] trying to disrespect the voters of Oakland in rigging the election process by promoting a few candidates they’ve handpicked to be in front of Jews controlled media” he wrote. “I am sick of these corrupt Jews and their media allies deceiving the public.” He followed up with another email stating, “I am not afraid of jail. I long overcame fear of getting killed, I was a combat veteran. If I die, I die on righteous grounds. I fear no enemies at this point.”

The forum, to be held in person at Temple Sinai, will address issues facing Oakland Jews such as rising hate. When asked for an apology, Liu shamefully answered “These evil Jews owe us apology for their vile discrimination” and “DOWN WITH JEWISH SUPREMACY,” an antisemitic phrase coined by the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. As a result of Liu’s actions and hate, Temple Sinai plans to have an increased police and private security presence at the debate.

Liu has a history of hate speech aimed at Jews and other minorities; in his unsuccessful 2018 run for mayor, Liu took to Twitter to blame his dismal performance on “Jews shamelessly rigging elections via owning [and] controlling mass media.” Twitter responded to his bigotry by rightfully banning his account.

Brazen antisemites must never be allowed to run for public office. StopAntisemtisim needs YOUR help – please email the Oakland Board of Elections and/or call Supervisor Dave Brown (510.272.6693) and request Peter Liu is immediately removed from the mayoral ballot!