Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Thuraya Zeidan

Thuraya Zeidan is a high school English teacher, adjunct professor, and social justice educator in the Montclair, NJ area. Her social media account “Decolonize the Classroom” reveals her mission to indoctrinate youth with antisemitic bias by diminishing the identity and history of the Jewish people and spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Zeidan is on a mission to deliberately strip Jews of their identity. Although there are millions of brown and black Jews, she repeatedly identifies Jews as “white” and accuses them of “white supremacy”. Ironically, she refers to herself as an “anti-racist” and a “multicultural educator” who covers every minority in the United States during her talks but completely excludes the Jewish people.

Zeidan also attempts to dehumanize Jews using classic antisemitic tropes by portraying Zionists as having overwhelming global powers while lacking empathy for others.

During her podcast “What Radicalized You?” she stated, “whiteness and power were all parts of the occupation of Palestine.” In addition, in one of her Instagram posts, she absurdly alluded to the fact that Jews do not have empathy and others should not expect the Jewish people “to act in a civilized manner”.

Thuraya Zeidan also joins efforts with other notorious antisemites such as Cornell West. During a 2021 podcast titled “K12 Educators and Palestine,” they outrageously accused the Anti-Defamation League of being embedded in American school districts across the country in order to “conduct surveillance for the apartheid state of Israel.” She further accused the advocacy organization of weaponizing antisemitism to protect Israel from criticism and bullying teachers to take a stance of neutrality which she equated to “complicity”.

Thuraya Zeidan’s goal is to indoctrinate students against the Jewish people and nation. Such vile targeting campaigns must be kept away from impressionable young minds.

We need YOUR help – email her employers at Passaic Public Schools and Montclair State University to demand investigations into Thuraya Zeidan’s obsession with vilifying Jews and the Jewish State in the classroom!