Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Sean Kauffmann

Sean Kauffmann is a disturbed neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier with a documented history of violence and a massive cache of firearms. Kauffmann associates with terrorists, shares bomb-making plans, and openly threatens specific terroristic acts. 

Kauffmann is an engaged member of the Tennessee Active Club, who is regularly spotted sporting his signature red kilt. Active Clubs are a decentralized coalition of white supremacist crews that operate on a national scale, taking much of their ideological and strategic direction from the white supremacist group known as the Rise Above Movement. Active Club members consider themselves fighters against a system they perceive as hostile to white people spreading white supremacist propaganda, attending demonstrations, and holding private training events inspired by European MMA-based white supremacist groups. 

Kauffmann, who goes by “Boog Fuhrer” or “Fash Squatch” and his band of white supremacists often communicate on the channel “Terrorgram,” an active channel on the communications app, Telegram. The group actively distributes antisemitic propaganda and messaging, calling for the dismantling of “Jewish power.” Some of Kauffmann’s self made flyers can be viewed below, including “WITH JEWS YOU LOSE” and other antisemitic slogans.

Kauffmann’s online persona – Boog Führer via Telegram

Kauffmann has used Telegram to seek advice from white nationalist Jarrett Williams Smith on how to hide firearms. Smith & Kauffmann’s exchange regarding an assassination plot of Representative Beto O’Rourke ultimately led to Smith’s arrest. Smith, a former US Army soldier, was charged with sharing information on making explosives and weapons of mass destruction. He expressed interest in attacking a news network and a presidential candidate and communicated with a neo-Nazi group about carrying out an attack. Smith pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Kauffmann, who has a history of domestice and sexual abuse, encourages his followers to assert their dominance through violence and sexual assault. He claims to have sexually abused his nanny, now his wife, to breed a “klan” of Nazis. In his free time, he shares his fascination with explosives. Kauffmann and his wife actively share threads of plans to bomb various cities throughout the country. Around 2020, Kauffmann relocated to Tennessee. In July of 2020, Kauffmann was arrested for violently assaulting individuals at a Black Lives Matter protest. In April 2023, Kauffmann appeared alongside Patriot Front at a protest in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he was seen giving the Hitler salute. A 15-year-old he included in the protest screamed, “kill all the n*ggers and the Jews.”

Sean Kauffmann arrest photo July 2020

On August 20, 2022, neo-Nazis held an MMA tournament in an undisclosed location in San Diego; the Nazi fight club operates under the guise of fitness or martial arts and has become one of the most important recruitment tools for white nationalists in the United States. It is a place where white nationalists are able to come together to spread incitement against the Black and Jewish communities. Members have stated: “This event showcases the strength and fabric of nationalism in America that will terrify Jewish power for decades to come.” Sean Kauffmann, along with members of the Patriot Front, participated in the fights. 

Justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of radical or extremist ideologies, making mendacious or stereotypical allegations about Jewish “power,” and denying the Holocaust are all clear examples of vile and dangerous antisemitism.

Email Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and ask for Red Flag Laws to be signed into law which will help prevent more gun violence in the state that has now become home to a growing number of armed white supremacists.