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Scott Ritter

William Scott Ritter Jr. is a former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) weapons inspector turned convicted sex offender. Despite his past roles, Ritter now dedicates his free time to advocating for Hamas and calling for the destruction of Israel.

Ritter was twice involved in law enforcement stings. In 2001, he was charged with attempting to meet an undercover officer posing as a 16-year-old girl, but the charge was dismissed after probation. In 2009, he was arrested for exposing himself to a police decoy posing as a 15-year-old girl. Found guilty on most counts in 2011, Ritter was sentenced to one and a half to five and a half years in prison, serving time until his parole in September 2014.

Ritter has become an outspoken supporter of Hamas in light of the October 7th massacre. For example:

  • In March of 2024, Ritter tweeted a violent message to Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “Israel is the fire. Hamas are the firefighters. The fire isn’t extinguished until Zionism is defeated and there exists a free and independent Palestinian state.”
  • On May 10, 2024, Ritter shared: “On May 13-14, Israel celebrates Yom Haatzmaut, or Independence Day. I pray it is the last one that your evil Zionist state celebrates. Next year we will hopefully celebrate the birth of the modern Palestinian state. And we can thank Hamas for that.”
  • On May 15, 2024, Ritter tweeted: “I support Hamas. Simply because I can’t ever again support Israel. And if you continue to support Israel after witnessing its actions in Gaza, you’re more than simply an idiot. You’re an immoral facilitator of genocide. Sort of like the modern equivalent of a Nazi.”
  • Ritter often shares the antisemitic trope of dual loyalty when disparaging Jewish Americans: “How about as an American? Or have you never really been an American? Just a Zionist wolf in a sheep’s skin? The more the conflict in Gaza rages, the more the truth is emerging about American Zionists like yourself. It’s high time we stop calling you Americans. Just Zionists..” and once more “Renounce your U.S. citizenship. Move to Israel. You clearly love Zionism more than your own country. Literally f–k off.”

William Scott Ritter Jr. also frequently makes mendacious remarks on Twitter, such as labeling Jews as Nazis and Zionists as terrorists, both of which flagrantly violate the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. Such instances include:

  • On March 29, 2024, Ritter tweeted, “AIPAC=Zionists=Nazis”
  • On April 3, 2025, Ritter ranted in a series of tweets in which he decimated several statements of blood libel against the Jewish community. When confronted that his statements were antisemitic, Ritter unleashed a series of antisemitic comments such as:
    • “You have diluted the impact of “never again” by defending the genocidal policies of Israel that mirror those of the Nazis that came before them.”
    • “You are a loathsome human being who wraps himself in the shroud of Jewish victimhood.”
    • “You are the reason Jews are hated in many corners of the world.
    • “And yet here you are, bandying it about as if you’re some poor persecuted Jew from the days of pogroms. Instead of the Zionist Nazi filth that you really are.”
  • On April 13, 2024, Ritter tweeted, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. I consider political Zionist’s to be terrorists. You do the math.”

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