Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Robert Frank Wilson

Robert Frank Wilson is a member of the white supremacist group ‘Goyim Defense League’ and goes by the alias ‘Aryan Bacon’. Wilson has participated in numerous antisemitic stunts and has been previously arrested for assault.

The Goyim Defense League (GDL) is a neo-Nazi inspired network of antisemitic zealots known for confronting unsuspecting members of the public on camera and posting the resulting clips of their publicity stunts on their website, GoyimTV. GDL content often praises Adolf Hitler, glorifies the antisemitic group Waffen SS, and features “White Power” sloganeering. 

The word “Goyim” refers to non-Jews in Hebrew and Yiddish. GDL’s use of the word is an example of their ignorance of Jewish language and culture and their belief in the “Jewish Supremacy” conspiracy theory – they believe that Jews see all non-Jews as inferior. They also subsequently refer to all non-Jews in a derogatory fashion using the word “Goy” or “Goyim” even referring to a friendly law enforcement officer as a “Good Goy.”

This past weekend Wilson and members of the GDL disturbed residents of West Hollywood, CA as they drove around in a graffiti-covered rented U-Haul yelling antisemitic slurs from their loudspeaker, then harassed guests of the Beverly Hills Hilton when they parked said truck in the middle of the hotel’s driveway. The vehicle was covered in racist and antisemitic slogans such as “Jewish Lives Matter Most” and “Resisting the Great Replacement = Greatest Threat??”.

The “Replacement Theory” is the same white supremacist conspiracy theory demonstrators of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia were chanting – “Jews will not replace us”. Authorities are also investigating the role the Replacement Theory belief as a one of the motivations for the 18-year-old mass shooter in Buffalo, NY who killed 10 people on May 14th.

GDL’s leader, Jon Minadeo II, (seen in front in yellow shorts) was dressed-up as an Orthodox Jew with a black hat and sidelocks and was seen running around yelling “The Nazis are coming” with a megaphone; two other GDL members were following him around dressed in faux SS military uniforms. Meanwhile, Wilson can be seen talking behind the trio in a Hawaiian shirt filming the stunt. Several hotel guests called local the Beverly Hills Police Department who upon arrival asked the GDL members to peacefully leave the premises. Shockingly, no citation was issued. Law enforcement is currently looking into this as a hate incident.

This wasn’t the first time Wilson participated in an antisemitic stunt. In March of this year Wilson and other GDL members drove around San Diego in a similar rented U-Haul covered in antisemitic and homophobic slogans including “Jews Lie, Europeans Die.” Wilson was photographed in the driver’s seat. No citations were issued.

In December 2021, Wilson was again present at another antisemitic stunt in San Diego when he and others from GDL dropped a banner over a popular freeway overpass that read “Jewish Supremacy Censors Speech about Jewish Supremacy”. This time, Wilson was cited with a misdemeanor by the city of San Diego for violating its municipal hate code but the presiding Judge dropped the charge.

In November 2021 Wilson was charged with a felony hate crime after, according to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, Wilson blocked his neighbor’s driveway, yelled homophobic vitriol at him, then reached into the victim’s vehicle and struck him in the face. Wilson later pled not guilty to the charges and is headed to a jury trial this August.

Frank Robert Wilson is a dangerous antisemite and bigot with a well-documented history of violence and incitement – we need YOUR help to stop him and the GDL. According to a Beverly Hills city ordinance on loud and unruly gatherings, Wilson and the GDL’s stunt from last weekend clearly violated the city statute.

Please email Sergeant JR Perez to express your concerns and request the matter be investigated before someone ends up severely injured or killed.