Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Refaat Alareer

Refaat Alareer is an antisemitic author from Gaza who is often used by American media outlets such as the New York Times (NYT), the Washington Post, and NBC News as a trusted source on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Over the past few years, Alareer has posted over 100 tweets comparing the Jewish nation and the Jewish right to self-determination to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. Such comparisons are deemed antisemitic by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism.

Alareer also spreads antisemitic blood libels intended to demonize the Jewish people and nation.

In a NYT article referring to the clashes between Hamas and Israel in May 2021, Alareer vilified Israel by falsely claiming that Israelis “draw straws” as to “which block [in Gaza] to annihilate”. Sadly, the article became part of the NYT Learning Network’s high school curriculum.

Alareer also engages in vile Holocaust inversion, baselessly claiming that a second Holocaust is happening to the Palestinian people at the hands of the Jews. According to Alareer, “Hitler is as peaceful as any Israeli leader” because the Jewish state is carrying out a “Holocaust.” Moreover, Alareer promotes the atrocious claim that Israel “starves Holocaust victims and steals their money to slaughter and occupy native Palestinians.”

Alareer’s ongoing antisemitic lies should automatically disqualify him as a source for any media outlet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

In fact, the NYT recently published a piece romanticizing Alareer and falsely claiming that he advocates for Jewish poets, such as describing renowned Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai as “beautiful”. In reality, in a video published online Alareer referred to Amichai’s work as “horrible” and said it “brainwashes” by humanizing Israelis. When the NYT confronted Alareer, he outlandishly replied that the Jewish nation is using literature as “a tool of colonialism and oppression”. The NYT subsequently edited their story to reflect the truth.

We need YOUR help to ensure that the New York Times ceases its relationship with antisemite Refaat Alareer! Email the NYT voicing your outrage and demand they stop giving this Jew-hater a platform to spew his lies to millions of Americans.