Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Rashida Tlaib

From the moment Rashida Tlaib became a U.S. Congresswoman from Michigan’s 13th Distrcit, she has been in the middle of one antisemitic firestorm after another.

Immediately after being sworn into office in January of this year, Congresswoman Tlaib adorned her new Congressional chambers with a map that replaced Israel’s name with a sticky note of Palestine.

During her Congressional celebrations, Congresswoman Tlaib demonstrated her ties with vile Hezbollah supporting antisemite Abbas Hamideh. Hamideh is the co-founder and director of the group Al Awda, a radical hate group with close connections to terror organizations who often compares modern day Israeli to Nazi Germany.

In March of this year, Congresswoman Tlaib enlisted the services of fellow anti-Semite and good friend Linda Sarsour to physically block a critic, Asra Nomani, from entering Congresswoman Tlaib’s office. A video of the encounter was captured and shows Sarsour with CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad.

As discussed in our ongoing petition exposing CAIR’s terrorism ties in Congress vis-a-vis Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, CAIR goes to extreme lengths to support Tlaib and silence/squander any opposition to what the Congresswoman spews.

Also in March, Congresswoman Tlaib met with another terrorist supporter; this time it was Nader Jalajel, a Palestinian activist who openly mourns the death of terrorists and praises the killing of Jews.

On August 5th 2019, Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer led a delegation of 41 Freshman Congressmen and Women to Israel; Congresswoman Tlaib refused to attend. Instead, a few days later, Congresswoman Tlaib with fellow antisemite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, demanded a separate trip to “Palestine”.

Once the agenda for the “Palestine” trip was released, it showed no meetings with Israeli Governmental officials nor any security briefings. What it did show was Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar’s intent to do nothing but continue to smear Israel and continue their antisemitic support of the BDS movement.

Israel refused entry to the two on August 15th, citing a 2017 Law barring individuals, including Governmental officials, from entering the country if they express support for the antisemitic BDS movement, as well as the fact that the group sponsoring Tlaib’s trip was the terror supporting group, Miftah.

Despite presenting itself as a peaceful organization dedicated to promoting peace, Miftah for years has carried notable ties to terrorist sympathizers, has openly accused Israel of atrocities and supports the boycott of Israeli products.

The following day, Tlaib submitted a humanitarian request to see her sick grandmother in the West Bank; Israel granted it but on the grounds Tlaib would not propagate boycotts against Israel; she refused.

Congresswoman Tlaib’s anti-Semitism is so out of control that fellow Democrats are now calling her out on it; Rep. Jerry Nadler berated Tlaib on Twitter for sharing a vile anti-Semitic cartoon on Instagram.