Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Omar Toppin

Omar Andres Toppin Sr., a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, has gained notoriety for his affiliation with the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI), a fringe religious hate group known for its extremist rhetoric and promotion of antisemitic beliefs. The BHI movement espouses the false notion that Black Americans are the true descendants of the biblical Israelites while portraying modern-day Jews as impostors who have stolen the religious heritage of Black people.       

BHI’s rejection of accepted definitions of Judaism has led to real-world violence, such as the Jersey City shootings at JC Kosher Supermarket, where two BHI members killed a police officer and three civilians in a gun battle. Toppin believes that the deadly shooting was a false flag operation.

Toppin’s public statements and social media activity have raised significant concerns about his antisemitic views. On October 8, 2020, he tweeted the phrase “The respect that the Synagogue of Satan receives….. ,” a well-known antisemitic trope pushed by Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan, stemming from a misquoted verse in Book of Revelation. This phrase is often used by BHI members to delegitimize the Jewish faith and lay claim to being the “real” Jews.

In a September 29, 2020 tweet, Toppin suggested a conspiracy theory linking the Rothschild family to the idea that “Jews control the world’s money supply.” Such baseless accusations have fueled antisemitic sentiments for centuries.

Toppin also promoted the “Khazar myth,” which falsely claims that the Jews of today are not descended from the ancient Israelites but from the Khazar people. This myth has been widely discredited by historians and is used to deny Jews’ historical connection to the Land of Israel.

Toppin has made derogatory comments about Jews in the music industry, insinuating that they control it for nefarious purposes. He falsely claimed that the Holocaust and the transatlantic slave trade were linked, citing exaggerated death tolls and implying that reparations should be sought for the latter. These views are rooted in conspiracy theories and have been debunked by credible historians, including Eli Faber, who refuted the claims made in the Nation of Islam’s book “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews.” Toppin once again perpetuates the false idea that government-run agencies are controlled by so-called Khazar Jews. Furthermore, Toppin has engaged in Holocaust denial, a deeply offensive and historically inaccurate stance.

Furthermore, Toppin has engaged in Holocaust denial, a deeply offensive and historically inaccurate stance. He questioned the authenticity of the Holocaust, even going so far as to cast doubt on the number of Jewish victims and implying that it was exaggerated or fabricated.

As of April 2023, Toppin shared he is a billing administrator at Rentokil Terminix pest control. What can YOU do to help? Email Rentokil Terminix to demand investigative action in his possible employment, as their Jewish customers should not be subjected to rabid Jew-haters like Omar Toppin.