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Nick Fuentes – Groyper Army

Fuentes: Revolutionary Leader of Little Italy 2053AS- Reddit (now banned for violent content policy violation)

Nick Fuentes started his Jew-hating online career in 2014 when he began posting racist and bigoted videos to his YouTube channel, America First (YouTube has since removed the channel for hate policy violations). Fuentes, affectionately referred to as “Nazi Nick” by his loyal followers, first attended Boston University but was forced to leave by students angered over his involvement at the 2017 Unite the Right White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He now heads up the “Groyper Army”, a loose network of alt right figures who are vocal supporters of the white supremacist.

Since 2016, Fuentes gained an even bigger following when he pretended to be a true supporter of the current White House Administration. Along with his YouTube channel, Fuentes used to run the Nationalist Review, a white supremacist podcast with James Allsup, another neo-Nazi, alt-right supporter; the podcast was terminated after the two had a fight.

Just a few days ago, Fuentes used an analogy of Cookie Monster baking batches of cookies in an attempt to deny the horrific murder of 6 million innocent Jews during the Holocaust, telling his podcast audience that the number “just doesn’t make sense” to him. This open and unashamed denial of the facts of the Holocaust is atrocious and disgusting.

On his other social media platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, Fuentes makes many outrageous and sickening anti-Israel and antisemitic comments. It’s extremely puzzling why Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are willing to lend Holocaust deniers such as Fuentes, and others like him, a platform for clear antisemitism.

Fuentes frequently targets Christians who support Israel or as he claims ‘are working for the Jews’. In one of his videoblogs (now removed from YouTube for policy violation), Fuentes attacks Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire and states Walsh is a “shabbos goy traitor. That’s what it is, folks. He hates white people. Race traitor- you work for Jews”.

Nazi Nick also takes his antisemitic tirades out on the president of Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA), Charlie Kirk, tweeting Charlie has some obsession about supporting Israel. Also, the TPUSA event at Ohio State University earlier this week featuring Charlie Kirk was crashed by Groypers (what the alt-right followers call themselves), who began chanting gay and antisemitic slurs; Fuentes was being credited for hijacking the event.

Fuentes often takes advantage of his young followers naiveté, many of them teenagers he refers to as Zoomers, telling them not to tell his parents if they get “red pilled”. According to the alt-right, taking the red pill is the beginning of a process of radicalization in which an individual becomes enculturated in an extreme, reactionary worldview. Fuentes also encourages his followers to post antisemitic pictures and memes to his social media platforms as seen in this racist image below.

Move over David Duke, it looks like a new racist white nationalist one third your age is about to take over your title as America’s top neo-Nazi!