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Neveen Ayesh

Neveen Ayesh is the ‘Government Relations Coordinator’ for the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) chapter in St. Louis, MO. 

Established in 2006 by our previous ‘Antisemite of the Week’ – University of California Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian (who also founded the “Hamas on campus group” Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) – AMP is a national anti-Israel organization that has been embroiled in many controversies related to its history of antisemitism and links to terror organizations and terror-financiers. 

Often fundraising for SQUAD Congresswoman Cori Bush, Neveen Ayesh is a rabid antisemite, frequently spreading Jew hatred, including calling for violence against Jews and promoting terror groups like Hamas.

Photo: Congresswoman Cori Bush (left) pictured with Linda Sarsour (center) and Neveen Ayesh (right), October 2020 Fundraiser

Shocking examples of Ayesh’s Jew hatred include: 

  • “I tried befriending a Jew once. Worst idea ever.”
  • “I want to set Israel on fire with my own hands & watch it burn to ashes along with every Israeli in it”
  • “Jews “WorstThingInTheWorld”

Ayesh’s bigotry and Jew-hatred were so egregious that local Missouri state representatives read from her Canary Mission profile on the state’s House floor in 2020. This took place after Ayesh testified about her support for the antisemitic BDS movement while blatantly lying about her true feelings and intent towards the Jewish people and nation; the alarming video can be seen here.

Ayesh has also called for violence against Jews, tweeting alarming comments such as:

  • “#crimesworthyoftherope being a Jew”
  • “I just want to spit in their faces. All of them any Jew Israeli I come across I hate them all idc [I don’t care].”
  • “I would love to 7ajer 3al yahood [throw stones at the Jews]. They’d probably shoot me right then & there literally with my luck but idc. I really don’t go right ahead.”

Neveen Ayesh makes no secret of her support for terror groups like Hamas. During Israel’s war with Hamas in 2014, Ayesh tweeted a photo of armed Hamas terrorists and wrote: “I should join al-Qassam. Be the first female to join their group”.

In October 2020, Neveen Ayesh hosted a political fundraising event for Congresswoman Bush featuring antisemite Linda Sarsour; together they raised approximately $20,000. The event took place months after Ayesh’s hatred was publicly exposed yet Cori Bush had no issues partnering with Ayesh. 

This past Saturday evening, despite numerous reports by the press highlighting Neveen’s hatred of Jews, Congresswoman Bush once again proceeded with yet ANOTHER fundraiser hosted by Neveen Ayesh.

Cori Bush has been proudly associating with Neveen Ayesh since 2017, despite being fully aware of Ayesh’s atrocious antisemitism. On August 2nd, Cori Bush will be squaring off against rival Steve Roberts in Missouri’s 1st District Congressional Democratic primary. 

Bush, a close friend of Linda Sarsour’s,  is proud in her hostility toward the state of Israel; in 2021 while giving a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, she suggested that United States aid to Israel should be redirected toward combating homelessness.

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