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Nathan Damigo

Nathan Damigo is a promoter of antisemitic conspiracy theories and founder of Identity Evropa (IE), an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist group that focused on the preservation of “white American culture” and promoting white European identity.

While serving four years in prison for armed robbery, Damigo was radicalized by reading the works of David Duke and Jared Taylor and became a committed ethno-nationalist. After prison, Damigo enrolled at California State University, Stanislaus (Stanislaus State University), where he was a Social Science major as of August 2017.

IE, which was founded in 2016 by Damigo, is known for its antisemitic leadership, for partnering with other white nationalist organizations and for its disruptions at public rallies. A slogan often used by the organization “You Will Not Replace Us” was used as a call to action against minorities. The chant became well-known following the violent Charlottesville, Virginia rally when participants chanted “Jews will not replace us!”

In 2019, IE change its branding to the American Identity Movement (AIM), in an effort to distance itself from the negative reputation following its participation in the August 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

  • “If it wasn’t clear enough that communism and anarchy are just two sides of the same Jewish shekel.”
  • “The negative influence of Jewish power, culture, & political activism on Western Civilization & the European people.” in response to a tweet that read: “What would you like me to cover next on the show?”
  • “Anti-whitism is rampant in the Jewish community (you know, the ‘Intolerant left’).”

Damigo also often spreads white nationalist ideologue and conspiracy theories such as –

  • During an interview by the Young Turks said that white-only states “might perhaps be the ideal” solution for the United States.
  • In the same interview he claimed “we have received a world in which we are being replaced” and went on to criticize American higher education for lauding “diversity”.

Like many radicals, Damigo attempts to hide the racism of his positions behind the language of identity politics in order to give it the veneer of legitimacy for mainstream consumption. During an interview with fellow neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, Damigo even admitted to following leftist internet threads and saving comments that people made in order to rework them to promote white identitarianism.

Kicked off every possible social media platform, Nathan Damigo pops up every now and then but seems to have been successfully pushed into the background where he can no longer influence others with his hateful and dangerous rhetoric.