Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Muayad Shahin

Muayad Shahin is a Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) 2021 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Music. He currently works at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Center and in May 2021 he announced he “just applied to med school”.

Shahin openly spreads his antisemitic views on Twitter, calling for the destruction of the Jewish state, and expressing violent tendencies towards Jews.

  • Comparing Jews to Nazis – Shahin tweeted that “asking Palestinians to live peacefully with isr*elis is like asking Jews to live peacefully with Nazis”. Such comparison is clearly antisemitic according to the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism.
  • Tweeting that Jews should go back to Europe – such statements are reminiscent of the antisemitic calls from the ’40s for Jews to “go back home.”
  • Questioning Jewish loyalty – Shahin tweeted “I truly don’t think yall understand how many of them have dual citizenship elsewhere in Europe and the US…” This obscene “dual loyalty” trope is often used by antisemites such as David Duke and Ilhan Omar.

Stating that he drank a celebratory alcohol shot “to the destruction of isr*el LMFAOO.”

  • Tweeting that Israel is cancer and asking “why would you not want to remove a cancerous body?”
  • Posting pictures of himself holding slogans that call for the destruction of Israel such as “from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” In 2018, Marc Lamont Hill was fired from CNN for using this slogan.

Shahin has also expressed violent tendencies towards Jews:

  • While he was a student at CWRU and sitting next to a Jewish woman in a coffee shop, he tweeted “sitting in close proximity to a zi*nist. Struggling to contain myself”.
  • A week prior, he tweeted he never felt closer to Allah “than when I made this zi*nist at school cry”.

In 2019, the Cleveland Clinic fired Doctor Lara Kollab, a supervised Resident who had been posting antisemitic content on social media, after the State Medical Board of Ohio, who investigated Kollab stated: Malicious acts and attitudes toward any population go against the Medical Practices Act and are denounced by the board.”

Muayad Shahin’s hate has no place in medical research and/or being a medical doctor. We need YOUR help to stop him – please email Serpil Erzurum, Chair of the Lerner Research Center, and demand the Center investigates Shahin’s hateful antisemitism!