Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Mohsen Mahdawi

Mohsen Mahdawi, an anti-Israel activist who has no income producing job yet manages to be a student for nearly sixteen years at elite Universities like Columbia, openly advocates for the destruction of Israel and justifies Hamas terrorism. He actively participates in the radical anti-Israel movement and serves as co-president of Columbia’s Palestinian Student Union (DAR), an organization advocating for the end to Israel. Mahdawi has openly expressed support for eliminating Israel, leading protests with chants such as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Mahdawi’s past glorification of terrorism, exemplified by a poem that said “I will breathe home… And fill my shame, And clean my gun, And collect my packages, my bombs And embrace my gun”. The poem also praised terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who perpetrated the 1978 Coastal Road massacre which murdered numerous Jews. Additionally, his involvement in rallies advocating for divestment from Israel and promoting terms like “global intifada,” known for its association with violence, raises questions about his true intentions and agenda.

In an interview with a local New England newspaper on October 22, 2023, Mahdawi sadly attempted to justify Hamas terrorism as a reaction to Israeli occupation, echoing sentiments often employed to legitimize violence against Israel. He and other anti-Israel student groups at Columbia issued a statement suggesting that resistance, a term often euphemized for terrorism, is justified in the face of what they perceive as political deadlock. However, this justification overlooks the heinous acts committed by Hamas, such as the October 7, 2023 terror attacks, which resulted in numerous civilian casualties and atrocities, including mass murder, beheadings, rape, and kidnapping.

During a televised interview on “60 Minutes” in December 2023, Mahdawi attempted to downplay the severity of Hamas attacks by likening them to a mere “punch in the face” and expressing empathy towards the perpetrators. His attempt to rationalize terrorism as a response to perceived grievances further underscores his concerning stance.

Overall, Mahdawi’s actions and rhetoric reflect a persistent and alarming commitment to anti-Israel activism, characterized by justifying terrorism, glorifying violence, and promoting efforts aimed at the dismantling of Israel. Such behavior not only perpetuates conflict but also undermines efforts towards peace and coexistence in the region.

Mohsen Mahdawi