Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Mohamed Hadid

Mohamed Hadid is best known for being the father of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. A dual Jordanian-American citizen, the once successful real estate developer has recently gone broke.

Hadid moved into real estate in the 1980s partnering with Saudi Arabian SAAR Foundation owned by multibillionaire sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading bankers. Hadid fell from fame and success in the years after the SAAR Foundation was raided by government agents and accused of financing the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

Many have noted that during his current financial downfall, Hadid, who once boasted about his local Jewish-American friends and how great Israel was, has turned into a fanatic Jew hater and frequently spreads antisemitic misinformation and vile antisemitic conspiracy theories to millions that follow him on social media.

In 2019, Mohamed Hadid started comparing the Holocaust to the Israel/Palestinian conflict, falsely claiming Jews were murdering Palestinian children and committing genocide of Palestinians just as the Nazis did to the Jews. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, adopted by countless countries including the United States, deems such comparisons as clearly antisemitic.

During the 2020 George Floyd riots, Hadid took to Instagram to falsely conflate American police brutality to that of the Palestinian struggle, alleging the Jewish nation teaches Americans how to kill Black people through police training programs. Having caused massive outrage amongst Jews and non Jews alike, Hadid deleted the post and issued an apology. Shortly thereafter

During May 2021’s war between Israel and Gaza, Hadid continued on his social media rampage against the Jewish nation causing many to start questioning his true intentions – did this man want to help Palestinians or did he instead just want to vilify Jews?

As many started labeling him a dangerous antisemite, Hadid started a misinformation campaign claiming he couldn’t be an antisemite because he himself was a “semitic” person. Attempting to twist the narrative, Hadid failed to mention that the word “semitic” refers to languages and not people.

He also omitted the actual word ‘antisemite’, a word that that evolved from ‘Judenhass’ or German for Jew hatred, initially formulated by a German Jew hater. Hadid also outrageously claimed Hitler hated “us all” – a total lie as the Grandi Mufti of Jerusalem wanted to collaborate with Hitler (both pictured below) to start ridding the Middle East region of Jews as Europe was doing.

This past week however, Hadid navigated from Israel-bashing to promoting Nazi-like conspiracy theories of Jewish power. In a published exchange with a Jewish female Instagram influencer, Hadid openly states “Israel and the Jews control the media” then references “the banker” as well as not being a “media giant” unlike the Jews in his bigoted mind.

Mohamed Hadid doesn’t care about helping Palestinians; his goal is to harm the Jewish people via false narratives and antisemitic conspiracy theories. With a vile antisemitic father like Mohamed Hadid, it’s no surprise his misinformed daughters parrot his atrocious Jew hatred.

We need YOUR help to put a stop to it – if you’re on Instagram, please report Hadid’s account here for ‘false information’.