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Miko Grimes

Meet Miko Grimes, the embarrassing wife of former NFL Miami Dolphins football player Brent Grimes.

This past week Miko came under fire for posting a horrific antisemitic video to her Instagram story. She proclaimed DeSean Jackson was right about a Jewish plan for world domination. “If you’re Jewish and you’re mad, oh well. You stole the religion … Jewish people were black … you stole it and everybody knows the reason,” she said.

After outraged social media users contacted Miko about her atrocious comments, she doubled down on hate rhetoric and continued using Louis Farrakhan hate speech calling Jews “fake Hebrews” and claiming Jews own the media, Hollywood, and banks, perpetuating some of the oldest antisemitic tropes and conspiracies.

However, this isn’t Miko’s first bout with antisemitism or belligerent behavior. She was arrested in 2015 for battery against a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. 

In 2016, she used antisemitic language to attack Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross and Executive VP of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum, tweeting “Gotta respect ross for keeping his Jew buddies employed but did he not see how Tannenbaum put the jets in the dumpster w/that Sanchez deal?  “

She attempted to later clarify her intent was not to offend just TWO Jewish people, tweeting: “Think I’m gonna tweet racist remarks in an attempt to offend TWO PEOPLE? Lmao!! Why would I?” 

In another statement to ESPN regarding the incident, Miko claimed “Anyone that thinks I’m a racist need to build a fu*king bridge and get over it. I’m not a racist, I’m a realist.”

Her Twitter account has since been permanently suspended. 

Shortly after the incident, Brett Grimes was released from the Miami Dolphins. Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross acknowledged it was in part due to his wife’s, Miko, behavior.

Miko’s antisemitic rhetoric cost her husband’s contract and her livelihood. She was previously considered for an Esquire reality show, but due to her bigotry and after her hateful tweet went viral, the network said goodbye.

It’s clear that Miko Grimes is a vile Antisemite whose hatred is not going away any time soon but just exponentially increasing. 

We need YOUR help in removing Miko Grimes from Instagram. Visit her profile here and report the account – let’s put a stop to her spreading Jew-hatred!