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Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour is a Brooklyn born and based, controversial Palestinian-American activist who is highly adept at promoting herself. She seems to always be at center stage, availing herself of photo-ops, and procuring prestigious platforms from which to preach anti-American and antisemitic views.

How does she do this? She attaches herself to trendy, progressive causes, like “Occupy Wall Street,” “Women’s March on Washington,” or “Black Lives Matter,” proclaiming herself a “person of color” – although she is white; a “feminist”, although she is an apologist for sexism in Islamic countries who defends Female Genital Mutilation while attacking Survivor Ayaan Hirsi Ali and saying: I Would Take Her ‘Vagina Away’, and a crusader for whatever cause du jour is in vogue.

Far from the tolerant, inclusive bridge-builder she pretends to be, Sarsour has been known to use her public platforms to spew antisemitism, and promote hatred towards the State of Israel. One thousand Rabbis recent accused Linda Sarsour of ‘Peddling in Antisemitic Falsehood’ and iconic singer Courtney Love called her an ‘Anti-Semitic Terrorist

Sarsour is a strong proponent of the terror affiliated Jew-hatred Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign that delegitimizes the Jewish state— a campaign that is widely recognized as antisemitic in nature globally. Yet Linda Sarsour continues to defend, justify and promote BDS, characterizing it simply as a “free speech” issue.

Presuming herself the arbiter of participation in the feminist movement, she uses her leadership “roles” to reject anyone who supports Israel – “Is there room for people who support the state of Israel and do not criticize it in the movement? There can’t be in feminism.”

Some of Linda Sarsour’s outstanding highlights as a renowned antisemite include:

  • Sarsour delivering a speech at a 2015 rally organized by antisemite Louis Farrakhan, and proceeded to blame Jews for complaining about their relationship, painting them as part of a right-wing conspiracy.
  • Sarsour asked Jews on Facebook: “What work are we willing to do and are we willing to be open to the true idea that members of the NOI [Nation of Islam] are not all anti-Semites? Are we cool with broad brushing a whole group?”
  • When Elder Kirsten John Foy told a Jewish woman, “You’ve got wicked spirit laying upon your heart. I pray them bound and cast from you by the blood of the lamb of God, Jesus Christ,” Sarsour applauded him and replied, “You are too blessed to be stressed.”
  • Sarsour told Jews to boycott the Forward, a nonprofit Jewish publication that used to defended Sarsour.
  • Sarsour threw a temper tantrum over the announcement of a black-Jewish caucus, encouraging more division between two communities of which you are not a part.
  • Sarsour suggested Jewish progressives harbor divided loyalties to Israel over their values.
  • Sarsour enthusiastically co-signed an article that accused Jews of waging “profound war on black people and people of color.”
  • And who can ever forget Sarsour’s most famous tweet about nothing being creepier than Zionism.

Linda Sarsour presents herself as an all-around universal activist who embraces all marginalized minorities, but in reality, she excludes anyone whose views do not completely align with hers, specifically Jewish ones. She poses as an opponent of antisemitism and a proponent of racial justice who fights for Palestinian national self-determination, but she denies Jews the same right. She demands free speech for herself and for her BDS campaign, but shuts down the free speech of anyone who disagrees with her, aka pro-Israel activists.

In summary, Linda Sarsour is a poseur who uses others to promote her antisemitic, anti-Israel agenda.