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Lauren Witzke

Delaware native Lauren Witzke is a convicted drug trafficker and failed Congressional candidate who actively misuses her platform to spread dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories to her thousands of social media followers. Witzke has previously voiced her support for the QAnon conspiracy group, a belief system identified by the FBI as a potential domestic terrorism threat. QAnon openly advocates and pushes the belief that Jewish elites control facets of the governmentbankingmedia, and Hollywood. Many members of the fanatical group believe the Holocaust never happened or was grossly exaggerated.

Witzke has also been associated with white nationalists and antisemites, as evidenced by her public expression of gratitude to StopAntisemitism’s former ‘Antisemite of the Week’ Nick Fuentes following her nomination for Congress. Fuentes actively promotes Kanye West’s antisemitic rhetoric and openly questions the accuracy of historical accounts related to the Holocaust.

Laure Witzke (Left) neo-Nazi “Groyper” Nick Fuentes (Right)

Witzke’s antisemitism runs rampant on Twitter, such as: 

  • In the summer of 2023, Witzke insinuated that Israel was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as an explanation as to why his nephew, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK), has been under scrutiny for troubling remarks about the Jewish people.
  • On February 24, 2023, Witzke claimed that neo-Nazi John Minadeo II was a “fed plant sent to provoke DeSantis into signing the antisemitism hate speech law.” 
  • In August of 2023, Witzke questioned Governor’s DeSantis motive for visiting Israel while also signing Florida HB269, which protects the Jewish communities against antisemitic attacks. Witzke tweeted, “Who does this guy really work for?” 
  • Witzke pushes the antisemitic notion that the Jewish people killed Jesus to her audience on Twitter. This slander against the Jewish people has been used to wage wars and violence against the Jewish people for centuries. 

Witzke’s disdain for Israel is evident on social media, often with severe antisemitic undertones:

  • In August of 2023, Witzke praised Vivek Ramaswamy for wanting to cut federal funding to Israel. She tweeted, “It takes guts to stand up against the globalist neocons.” 
  • In several tweets, Witzke touts the antisemitic trope of “dual loyalty,” which has been a source of violent Jew hatred for centuries. She claimed, “the dual citizens are gaining seats in US Congress” and tweeted, “no more dual loyalties” to the “Israeli handlers.”
  • On September 10, 2023, Witzke tweeted the dangerous conspiracy that falsely pushes the “Dancing Israelis” theory, claiming Israel was behind the horrendous terror attacks of 9/11. The next day she doubled down on her false claims tweeting, “Reminder that they covered up the Israeli attacks on the USS Liberty because they didn’t want to our greatest ally. It appears they covered up their involvement again on 9/11.”
  • Earlier this year, Witzke tweeted, “Kevin McCarthy is flying to Israel to address their Knesset. It seems McCarthy is going to get his orders from his real masters.”

 The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism denounces false and harmful allegations about Jews, including myths about a global Jewish conspiracy, and claims of Jewish control in society. It also condemns the accusations against the Jewish people for dual loyalty, which suggests they prioritize global Jewish interests over their own nation. Furthermore, the definition discourages the use of classic antisemitic symbols and imagery, such as the “Jews killing Jesus” or “blood libel,” to characterize Jews or Israelis, as it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and prejudices.

StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help! Report Lauren Witzke’s Twitter account for “attacking others based on their identity” and help stop Lauren Witzke from spreading her hate any longer.