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Kyle Chapman – Violent ‘Proud Boy’

Kyle Chapman, also known as ‘Based Stickman’, is a 41 years old rough Bay area convicted felon, white nationalist, antisemite and alt-right activist. He earned his nickname and prominence in the alt-right movement after he was recorded beating a man with a stick during a 2017 rally in Berkeley, California.

Kyle Chapman was a member of the Proud Boys group which was founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, a far-right provocateur and misogynist who also co-founded the Vice media brand. The group has billed itself as a “Western chauvinist” fraternal organization but thus far has insisted that its preference for “Western civilization” was not built on racist or antisemitic views; it has a chapter in Israel.

After his release from a Californian prison, Chapman founded the Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (FOAK), a paramilitary group that announced itself as a partner of the Proud Boys organization. Chapman led the FOAK until later that year when he faded from his leadership position following an assault conviction related to an incident at another rally.

In November 2020, Chapman announced an attempted full takeover of the Proud Boys organization, as well as a plan to reform the group as an explicitly white supremacist and antisemitic organization, proclaiming ” We will confront the Zionist criminals who wish to destroy our civilization.” The attempted coup was not successful.

After the November election, Chapman said he would “reassume his post as President of the Proud Boys” and announced that the group, which had previously denied being a racist, antisemitic, or white supremacist organization would take on an explicitly white supremacist and antisemitic direction. He also declared his intentions to refocus the organization on the issues of “white genocide” and the “failures of multiculturalism”.

Chapman also announced that he would change the logo and rename the group to the “Proud Goys”, a term used among the far-right as an antisemitic trope.

Trying to save face, after his failed coup attempt Chapman later made a comment saying he had been joking, though he later deleted it and said that he was serious about taking over the group.

Kyle Chapman’s history of horrific violence, antisemitism, and hatred of Jews and non-white minorities, easily qualifies him for this week’s ‘Antisemite of the Week’.