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Kanye West 2022 Antisemite of the Year

Nearly ten thousand people voted and crowned Kanye West the 2022 “Antisemite of the Year” for his recent and ongoing bigoted remarks about the Jewish people!

StopAntisemitism’s Executive Director Liora Rez told TMZ “Kanye uses his celebrity platform to push dangerous antisemitic tropes about Jews and power and he refuses to stop. His continuous onslaught of bigoted statements has resulted in horrific antisemitic acts perpetrated by white supremacists, Black Hebrew Israelites, and other fringe groups looking to cause Jews harm. Jew hatred is already out of control in the United States and the last thing we need is a celebrity like Kanye to add fuel to that fire.”

Kanye was voted worst of the worst after dominating the headlines since the beginning of October when he received “Antisemite of the Week” honors. While it has since come out that Kanye has had a longtime obsession with Hitler and the Nazis, his current tirade began on social media when he was kicked off Instagram for posting antisemitic tropes about Jewish power and control. Kanye then took to Twitter where he threatened “I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” and was consequently locked out of that account as well.

After VICE News aired unseen footage from a FOX News interview with Tucker Carlson showing antisemitic remarks made by Kanye, he doubled down on those comments in interviews with Drink Champs, Chris Cuomo, Piers Morgan, and Lex Fridman. It was only then that Balenciaga, Vogue, CAA, and Adidas all cut ties with the disgraced rapper and fashion designer.

In mid-November, Kanye announced his 2024 presidential run with alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos as his campaign manager and took white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes to dinner at Mar-a-Lago with former President Trump. 

A week later, Kanye again made headlines after appearing on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ podcast where he stated “They (Nazis) did good things too. We got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time” and “I like Hitler.” After tweeting a swastika inside of a Jewish star, he was kicked off Twitter yet again. Finally, Kanye appeared on Gavin Mcinnes’ Proud Boys podcast where he reiterated old antisemitic tropes alleging that “Jewish people control the majority of the media, along with banks, along with real estate, along with malls” and stated, “Jewish people, forgive Hitler.”

Kanye’s impact has exponential reach – he has double the number of social media followers than there are Jews in the world. By purposefully using his vast platform to spread antisemitism, Kanye’s recklessness has caused irreversible damage.