Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Joshua Francois – The Nursing Aid Nightmare

Joshua Francois is a certified nursing assistant licensed in Florida who constantly spreads horrific Jew-hatred and antisemitic conspiracy theories on social media.

Similar to the two attackers in the deadly shooting at a kosher supermarket in Jersey City in 2019, Francois self-identifies as a Black Hebrew Israelite; a radical Christian African American group whose members believe to be the true descendants of the ancient biblical Hebrews and claim real Jews are fake. 

Joshua Francois uses the name Joshua Levi Israel on Facebook and @JoshLeviIsrael on Twitter. His Twitter screen name is ‘Pitit Fwe’.

Inspired by the hateful rhetoric of notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan, Francois often spreads his vile theories about fake and evil Jews on social media, including:

Francois also shares vile antisemitic conspiracy theories very similar to those spread by white supremacists like David Duke, Rick Wiles, and Richard Spencer. He often obsessively tweets about the Jewish people controlling Hollywood and the media:

  • “Fake Jews run Hollywood and the media”
  • “They run the news/media outlets, Hollywood … They have a propaganda against us because we’re really God’s chosen.”
  • “Because it’s propaganda, they all want us to feel sorry for the fake Jewish people.”

Joshua Francois is a licensed health aide in the State of Florida. He’s entrusted to take care of society’s most vulnerable; the elderly. 

 As of May 2020, his license has lapsed and is delinquent due to his failure to renew. However, once the small renewal fee is paid Francois will be able to practice nursing again freely. 

 We need YOUR help to ensure Joshua Francois is kept away from Jewish patients. Email Florida’s Department of Health and demand Joshua Francois Florida license #CNA375466 is investigated and his license permanently revoked.