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Jon Minadeo II UPDATE – The White Supremacist Pushing Kanye

StopAntisemitism featured white supremacist Jon Minadeo II in August 2020 after he and his group – the ‘Goyim Defense League’ (GDL) – dropped a massive antisemitic banner that read “the Jews want a race war” on the busy 405 highway in Los Angeles. After StopAntisemitism’s feature of Minadeo and our call to action, GDL’s website hosting company, EPIK, and streaming platform, Bitchute, both dropped the hate group for violating community guidelines.

Minadeo however was not deterred; his and the GDL’s actions over the past few years have been more brazen and dangerous, encouraging and emboldening more antisemites like himself to join their bigoted movement.

Organizing on GAB (run by neo-Nazi Andrew Torba) and their website GoyimTV.tv, whose hosting was moved to Cloudflare, Minadeo brainwashes hundreds of young men into hating Jews, convincing them that Jewish people control the world and are the main root of society’s problems, from the immigration crisis to the abortion debate.

Minadeo and the GDL organize flyer campaigns targeting and harassing Jews across the U.S., covering nearly a third of our country with thousands of flyers vilifying the Jewish people. More than SEVENTY harassment campaigns orchestrated by the GDL have been reported in 2022 alone, with two months left in the year.

Minadeo doesn’t stop at leaflet campaigns – he takes an even bolder approach in his own harassment of Jews. In May of this year, just one week after the racially-charged mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, Minadeo dressed up as an Orthodox Jewish man, along with two of his followers dressed as German guards, and harassed guests outside of a Beverly Hills Hilton where a Bar Mitzvah celebration was happening inside. Minadeo ran around yelling “the Nazis are coming” while the guards pretended to chase him. After police were called and they were forced to leave (without a citation), they proceeded to drive around Beverly Hills with the “Great Replacement” theory graffiti on their truck – the same rhetoric the Buffalo shooter espoused in his manifesto.

In an attempt to outdo his past vile stunts, Jon Minadeo II traveled to Auschwitz Concentration Camp memorial and held up various signs containing antisemitic hatred. Thankfully, due to Poland’s strong hate laws, he was quickly arrested. His travel companion and fellow GDL member – Robert Frank Wilson (pictured below) – recently stood trial in the San Diego area for aggravated assault.

Just this past week, Minadeo and a few other GDL members took to L.A. once again to hang yet another antisemitic banner on the 405 highway that read “HONK IF YOU KNOW” and “KANYE IS RIGHT ABOUT THE JEWS”, referring to the ongoing demise of Kanye West due to his atrocious antisemitic tirades and tantrums.

This past Friday evening, while the Jewish people of Los Angeles were observing Shabbat, Minadeo took to the streets once again to express his bigoted, antisemitic vitriol once again by projecting “Kanye is right about the Jews” onto the underpass of a busy road.

Law enforcement and governmental officials have so far been unable to stop Jon Minadeo II from spreading his venomous hate against the Jewish people and other minorities, dismissing these atrocious acts of harassment as silly stunts.

StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – email LAPD’s Chief of Police Michel Moore and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to demand an investigation into Jon Minadeo’s ongoing harassment and targeting of the Jewish people!