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Jon Minadeo II – The LA Banner Dropping Bigot

Jon Minadeo II is a vile Jew-hater white supremacist resident of Petaluma, CA, who leads the antisemitic group, Goyim Defense League (GDL). He has been inciting hate and harassing Jewish people both in the streets of California and on the internet for years.

Last summer Minadeo was suspected of posting antisemitic flyers around the Northern California towns of Santa Rosa and Novato, including at the San Marin high school. The flyers insinuated that Jews orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. Residents reported the flyers to the local police. Novato Police Chief Adam McGill  later announced that there would be no investigation because the flyers were protected by the First Amendment.

This past weekend Jon Minadeo II hung multiple banners above the busy Los Angeles interstate 405 highway that read: “Honk if you know the Jews want a race war.” He also drove around the area in a rented van, vandalized with “Trump is owned by Jew$” and other antisemitic messages. 

That same day, Minadeo and his crew traveled to a Chabad Jewish Center in Marina Del Rey. They trespassed shirtless to spew more Jew-hatred with a bullhorn. The events caused outrage among the community and went viral on social media. The police were flooded with calls and complaints. But, due to First Amendment protections, Minadeo and his friends were again not charged. 

Internet obscurity has provided Jon Minadeo II with several avenues to share his antisemitic propaganda and conspiracy theories globally.  

After his YouTube channel was terminated for multiple hate speech policy violations, Minadeo filed trademarks for Handsome Truth and Goyim Defense League to create a “clone” site called GoyimTV.org, where he continued his hate parade. On the website, he spewed antisemitic canards and managed to successfully monetize his hate content.

This week, GoyimTV.org finally came to an end after we—StopAntisemitism.org—called to action our social media community to contact GoyimTV’s web hosting provider, Epik, and warn them about GoyimTV.org. Within hours, Epik deemed Minadeo’s website violated hate speech policy and removed it.

But within days, the hate group resumed publishing its antisemitic content through a BitChute – hosted channel called Handsome Truth GDL (for Goyim Defense League).

We need YOUR help to stop Jon Minadeo II from having yet another stage to broadcast his Jew-hatred. Combat his vile bigotry and email Bitchute to demand his account is removed for content violation!