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Jimmy Fry – New Year, New Bigot

Jimmy Fry is a failed Virginia Beach School Board candidate who is also a raging antisemite. He supports the KKK, spreads horrific conspiracy theories about the Jewish people, and actively promotes Holocaust denial on social media.

A few weeks ago on TikTok Fry posted a vile video claiming that it’s debatable that six million Jews were actually murdered during the Holocaust. He also claimed that Anne Frank was a work of fiction created by her father.

This wasn’t the first time Fry attacked the memory of Anne Frank. In 2018, he tweeted “Time is long overdue for independent critical analysis of narratives like that of the Anne Frank story taught in our K-12 schools.” and added a link to a video produced by “Six Million 4 Truth“, a Holocaust denial account which is now banned by YouTube for continued hate speech policy violations.

In 2017, Jimmy Fry outrageously claimed on Twitter that prior to the Holocaust and WW2, Jews treated Germans poorly and performed medical experiments on the Polish people.

Jimmy Fry is a supporter of white supremacists like David Duke, Jew hating bigot Alison Weir, and hate groups like the KKK.

  • In 2017, Fry referred to the KKK as a civil rights group, tweeting “On July 8th hate descends on #cville opposing a lawful assembly at the Lee monument held by the civil rights group Ku Klux Klan #kkk.”
  • Also in 2017, Fry tweeted “I’d defer to @DrDavidDuke or @MWeaver1521 on this issue if they were interested in adding on Jewish influence in South Africa regarding White Genocide or Israel support.”
  • Fry also defended fellow Holocaust denier Alison Weir on Twitter, posting “Alison Weir is a bigot? Ok, how ’bout this; #kkk rally July 8th in #cville Only #hoodsoff is gunna be on the AntiChrist protesters”

Fry also spreads outlandish conspiracy theories centered around the Jewish people including:

  • ISIS was a Jewish operation – August 2017 tweet: “ISIS is a Jew OP, you didn’t know that?”
  • Jews were responsible for 9/11 – September 11, 2017 tweet: “Israel did 911 Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Israel responsible for Lee desecration in #cville.”
  • Jews sell the organs of Palestinians – December 2017 tweet: “Making light of the illegal organ trafficking where Palestinians are gutted, and sold to the highest bidder in Jewish hospitals Stateside.”

Jimmy Fry has a dangerous obsession with the Jewish people. Like other notorious antisemites, Fry blames the wrongs of the world on Jews. Please be on alert and notify authorities or report any hateful communication made by Fry.