Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jimmy Anthony Rothschild

Jimmy Rothschild is a Chicago-based anti-Israel organizer with the useful idiots self-hating Jewish fringe group ‘IfNotNow’. He tokenizes his Judaism to defend antisemites, vilifies both the Jewish nation and those who support her, and backs violent protestors and agitators.

In 2018, Washington D.C. councilman Trayon White Sr. caused outrage by claiming that the Rothschilds were behind climate change in poor neighborhoods. Nearly everyone was disgusted by White’s antisemitic comment, except for Jimmy who stepped up in defense of the councilman.

In 2021, when pediatric radiologist Fidaa Wishah was fired over antisemitic tweets accusing Jews of being cannibals, Jimmy took to Twitter to defend Wishah and attempted to paint her as a victim of a smear campaign.

Just a few months later, after StopAntisemitism exposed University of Southern California engineering student Yasmeen Mashayekh’s desire to “kill Zionists” and “curse the Jews“, Jimmy outlandishly tweeted “I don’t think Yasmeen’s tweets were antisemitic” and attempted to portray her as the victim.

Jimmy also atrociously attacks those who support the Jewish nation, accusing American Jews and organizations of dual loyalties. For example, in 2019 he accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) of convincing “the U.S. government to be more loyal to Israel.” Similar accusations of dual loyalties were also made by antisemitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, our 2020 ‘Antisemite of the Year’.

Just a few days later, Jimmy blamed the rise of antisemitism on American Jews, tweeting “Maybe the rise of antisemitism could be abated if the Jews in power in this country stopped acting like a white supremacist’s fantasy of what Jews are like.”

Earlier this year, human rights group Amnesty International published a skewed report falsely accusing the Jewish nation of being an apartheid state. In response, counties such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Austria made official statements disagreeing with the report’s conclusions. Jimmy, on the other hand, used the false report to promote hatred against Israel accusing American progressive rabbis of “denying apartheid”.

Jewish individuals like Jimmy Rothschild utilize their Jewish identity to inflame hatred against their own people. Jimmy, like many of his fellow self-loathing Jews, does nothing to actually advance peace between Palestinians and Israelis but rather only promotes more hatred towards the Jewish people.