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Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams, an actor known for his previous role on the hit show “Grey’s Anatomy,” now uses his social media platforms to disseminate antisemitic conspiracy theories to his 10 million followers. Over the past few years, his posts – often unsubstantiated and lacking credible sources – have propagated harmful narratives about Jewish communities worldwide. His online presence not only embodies Jew hatred but also incites a dangerous wave of antisemitic violence among his followers. For example, within the ‘Celebrities4Palestine’ community, Williams is celebrated for his so-called “courage” and activism, which disturbingly seems to be driven by animosity towards Jewish people.

In the months following the 10/7 massacre in Israel, Jesse Williams immediately referred to Hamas terrorism as “resistance”, with nearly zero condemnations of the barbaric rapes, beheadings, burnings, or kidnappings of innocent civilians. Instead, he began to victim-blame and shame Jews worldwide by resharing dangerous antisemitic conspiracies further harming the already wounded community, such as:

  • In an Instagram story, Williams shared a post claiming Israeli dogs were trained to rape Palestinians and other falsities.
  • Williams shared a photo of a map connecting the United States to Israel with the caption “your freedom of speech is being controlled from here.” This dangerous accusation suggests that Israel controls the United States and its people which is a widely used antisemitic trope of Jewish control.
  • Williams re-shared a graphic propagating the false idea that Israel is purposely committing genocide in Gaza and that Palestinian death is a Zionist “war aim.” 

The disgraced actor has yet to slow down his Jew-hating antics; for example:

  • Earlier this year, Williams was seen in an Instagram video wearing a Palestinian flag hoodie while highlighting the importance of history. Additionally, in January, Williams was spotted at an NBA game wearing an ‘Anti Apartheid Club’ T-shirt from the brand PaliRoots.
  • For Father’s Day, Williams shared a post by former ‘Antisemite of the Week‘ Linda Sarsour, honoring Gazan fathers without acknowledging the hundreds of Israeli fathers who were brutally murdered or taken captive on October 7th.
  • In another Instagram story, Williams shared a post accusing the IDF of assassinating children and plotting a mass burial at Gaza’s Nasser Hospital. This grave site was documented to have existed prior to the October 7th massacre.

Shockingly, Jesse Williams’ agency – Creative Arts Agency (CAA) – continues to represent him. StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – email CAA and urge them to drop antisemite Jesse Williams!