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Jess Michelle Natale

Jess Michelle Natale is a Brooklyn-based content creator managing the popular social media account ‘So.informed’, which has amassed over 3.2 million organic followers. She uses her marketing expertise to present her social media presence as a reliable, trustworthy, and factual hub for disseminating current events in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner when in reality, her goal is to vilify and isolate the Jewish nation.

Natale counts on Al-Jazeera, a Qatar stated based propaganda machine, for her information. Natale described the 2021 conflict as an “act of aggression by Israel,” ignoring the fact that Hamas had violated a ceasefire by launching hundreds of rocket attacks and encouraged Palestinians to carry out stabbing rampages, explicitly calling for the removal of Jewish heads with knives.

In a recent interview with Middle East Eye, Jess Natale claimed she was drawn to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a young teen through Tumblr posts about Rachel Corrie. While many view Corrie, a human-rights activist, as a hero, the truth is she ignored warnings from the IDF and placed herself in the path of a bulldozer, resulting in her fatal injury. Jess Natale has accused multiple members of Congress of being controlled by special interest groups, specifically targeting John Fetterman and calling him a “genocidal maniac.” She claimed that “all it took was $222,000 from AIPAC to sway him” [to support Israel], insinuating Jews control the government, a popular antisemitic trope.

Through her social media platform So.Informed, Natale shares blood libels and antisemitic content against the Jewish community and State. Nearly every time she is fact-checked or challenged, she swiftly removes the posts. For example:

  • In a joint post with “Let’s Talk Palestine” that has since been removed, Natale blamed “global oppression” on the Jewish state with multiple slides attributing military aggression and mass spyware universally to Israel.

In May, Natale shared multiple infographics blaming Israel for the mass grave of bodies found in Gaza, claiming the bodies were brutally mutilated. Fact-checkers quickly pointed out that these graves were dug prior to October 7th, leading Natale to swiftly remove several of her posts but not acknowledge the truth.

Jess Natale has now aligned herself with the pro-terrorism group ‘Within Our Lifetime,’ led by radical extremist Nerdeen Kiswani. Natale joined Kiswani at protest in front of Weill Cornell Medicine where screams of “No Zionists” were heard. 

In addition, Jess Natale has posted in favor of armed resistance and terrorism against Israel multiple times, including:

  • In May, Natale shared an image that read “Resistance Until Liberation.”
  • At a riot in June, Natale photographed a sign that read, “Glory to the Martyrs. Long Live the Palestinian Resistance” then happily posted it to her Instagram story for all to see.

StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help in stopping Jess Michelle Natale from spreading her hatred against the Jewish people and nation – if you are an Instagram user, please report her entire account here for propegating false information.