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Jeffrey Perrine

Jeffrey Perrine of Sacramento, California is a violent neo-Nazi extremist and former member of the Proud Boys who has become increasingly active in the white supremacist group, Goyim Defense League (GDL). Perrine openly supports Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, spreads antisemitic libels, espouses vile antisemitism, and has a troubling history of harassment and physical assault. 

Perrine, a prominent figure in the Sacramento area, has experienced notable challenges in a thus-far unsuccessful attempt at a political career to secure positions on the School Board and State Assembly. His association with the Proud Boys and the revelation of his secret Telegram accounts where he expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime led to his dismissal from a position he held within the Sacramento County GOP Central Committee.

Perrine claims the Proud Boys were infiltrated by the Jews to create chaos and disruption. He continued his rant, stating “Jews are a footnote in history” and went on to promote Nazis for having family values.

Jeffrey Perrine goes by the alias of ‘unapologeticallywhite’ on social media, where he spreads dangerous libels of Jewish power and control and blames leaders or individuals for being “Jew-pilled” – an antisemitic trope claiming Jews control aspects of the media and government. Perrine’s social media posts are filled with vile antisemitic comments referencing the Jewish people. He greets his followers with “hail brother,” referencing the phrase “hail Hitler.”

Perrine has close ties to GDL leader Jon Minadeo II, who has been featured twice as StopAntisemitism’s ‘Antisemite of the Week’ for his grotesque antisemitic actions towards the Jewish community. In June of 2023, Minadeo praised Perrine for his involvement with the ongoing antisemitic call-ins to Walnut City Council meetings in which there was a string of harassment towards the Jewish community involving propaganda and tropes of “Jewish control of the media.” Perrine joined members of White Lives Matter and GDL last month to distribute antisemitic propaganda throughout various cities, bragging on a voice memo of his involvement.

Despite the innocent image he attempts to display in his political aspirations, Perrine has a violent past. In 2018, Perrine was taped at a Portland protest engaging in the violent beating of a jogger who challenged Perrine and other Proud Boys’ views. He was later arrested when he took a bullhorn and stated that illegal immigrants should have their “heads smashed into the concrete.” While running for a local government position in Sacramento, Perrine was taped making verbal threats and physical advances towards his opponent. In March of 2023, Perrine was arrested for harassing and stalking a pastor at his place of work. As he was arrested, he continually called the arresting officers “ZOGbots,” a term related to the conspiracy theory known as “ZOG” or “Zionist Occupied Government,” asserting that the U.S. Government is controlled by Jews.

Jeffrey Perrine currently runs a digital clothing shop where he sells merchandise featuring swastikas, images of Adolf Hitler, and other prominent figures from the Nazi Party. He uses Telegram to advertise these items to his followers and other neo-Nazis. One of his popular merch items features the slogan “White Boy Summer” with an image of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and Heinrich Himmler driving a car with Nazi symbols.

StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – report Jeffrey Perrine’s Twitter and help rid the platform from his bigotry and hatred.