Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jasbir Puar

Jasbir Puar is a Professor and Graduate Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University who is radically obsessed with demonizing the Jewish state. She peddles horrific antisemitic conspiracy theories and is a fervent cheerleader for the antisemitic and terrorist-linked BDS movement.

In a 2016 Puar claimed that Israel harvests the organs of non-Jews and assassinates Palestinian teenagers. She also accused Israel of denying Palestinians resources to stunt their growth.

That wasn’t the first time Puar falsely accused Israel of crimes against humanity. In a 2014 written interview, she insinuated that Israel uses observational technology to starve and choke Palestinians. “I am most interested in how this works in Gaza—how mathematical algorithms are deployed to fix calorie intake, water supplies, and electric currents, among other infrastructural elements—to create an asphixatory regime of control, in which the Palestinians can breathe and not breathe according to the desires of the Occupier/Israel,” she said.

In 2013, Jasbir Puar applauded the American Studies Association (ASA) move to boycott Israel. As a result of their decision, Brandeis University and Pennsylvania State University withdrew from the ASA, citing antisemitism and unfair bias against Israel.

Puar also accuses Israel of “pinkwashing”, a term used by antisemites like CodePink to accuse the Jewish state of advancing the LGBTQ agenda in order to divert attention from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a 2010 article titled “Israel’s Gay Propaganda War”, Puar claimed Israel was funding a misleading PR campaign to paint Israel as progressive and Palestinians as homophobic and uncivilized.

Meanwhile, Israel’s LGBTQ rights are recognized as the most developed in the Middle East and the most tolerant in Asia. However, Puar, who is a queer-theorist and gender studies professor, chooses to ignore the truth and continue to demonize the State of Israel and Jewish people.

Puar weaponizes her bigotry toward Jews in academic platforms and spreads her hate to impressionable students. Her outlandish claims serve as an inspiration for those who harbor their own anti-Jewish sentiments, spreading hostility and putting Jews in harm’s way.

Thanks to antisemitic, biased Professors like Jasbir Puar, Vassar College has now earned a reputation as a top ten antisemitic school in America.