Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jarrin Jackson

Jarrin Jackson is a blatant antisemite and alt-right candidate running for Oklahoma State Senate. Jackson frequently takes to his Telegram channel to spew his antisemitic conspiracy theories and rants masked as a love for Christianity. 

In January of this year, Jackson wrote “The answer to Zionism or any other -ism is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Zionism is defined as the Jewish right to self-determination and has nothing to do with Christianity. Jackson also stated he was not “Beholden to Jews,” insinuating the Jewish people maintained a type of control over others, specifically those in governmental positions.

Later that same month Jackson continued on his antisemitic rants, posting “all Jews will go to hell if they don’t believe the gospel of Jesus Christ” and “I love Jews because Christ told me to, not because they deserve it.”

In February Jackson stated in a video, “I ain’t owned by the Jews. I worship Jesus Christ. He’s my Messiah.” The video’s URL address was labeled “jews-nazis-synagogue-of-satan”. References to “synagogue-of-satan” are often used by antisemite Louis Farrakkhan and the Nationof Islam when referring to the Jewish people.

A few days later Jackson wrote that “the Jews” are the reason “evil exists” and then proceeded to make a list under the heading “outline and detail the evil” in his review of the documentary “Enemies Within: The Church.” His list also includes Illuminati, Rothschilds, and Communists.

Next, Jackson pushed the conspiracy theory that one of the Rothschilds “applied for & was granted the patent for COVID-19 testing.” Antisemitic conspiracy theorists have falsely claimed the Rothschild family is leading a group of Jewish people in secretly controlling or engineering events for their own benefit.

It’s clear from his online presence Jarrin Jackson has a troubling obsession of Jewish “influence” and “control.”

On August 23rd Jackson is running in the Republican Party primary against Ally Seifried and is currently polling to win. 

StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – please email the following officials and political candidates who have endorsed Jarrin Jackson and request they publicly renounce their endorsement of a known antisemite:

People like Jarrin Jackson MUST be kept out of public office.