Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jake Shields

Jake Shields is a former Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor who actively shares dangerous antisemitic rhetoric to his hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Recently, his most alarming tweets include the denial of violent sexual assault against innocent Israelis at the hands of Hamas during the October 7th massacre. For example:

  • On February 23rd, Shields tweeted, “They said rape but did zero rape test[sic tests].”
  • He continued, “Israel is losing support, so in the past week they started women had their breasts cut off and were stabbed in the p*ssy. This is so obviously a lie…”
  • Shields then flips the narrative to spread blood libel against the Jewish people by claiming: “It’s well known Israel Rapes and tortures a large percentage of their Palestinian prisoners… You can read about it [in the] Zionist controlled Wikipedia.”

The former fighter further confirms his Jew-hatred by harping on the false narrative of ‘Jewish Control.’

  • After the fighter praised Kanye’s appearance on Alex Jones’ podcast, Shields tweeted, “Jews control the media or music industry and they will go into overdrive to get you canceled.”
  • Shields shared an image titled ‘Map of America showing our lost territory since 1947.’ The Image is the Israeli flag slowly taking over the American flag insinuating the false conspiracy of Jewish control.
  • In the last few days, Shields’ disdain for the Time’s feature of Antisemitism has brought forth his true stance on the Jewish community. He complained, “People don’t hate Jews they just realized that Israel and Jewish groups control America. We don’t want them controlling our country so this is complicated antisemitism.”

Jake Shields continues to share misinformation about the world’s only Jewish state and even praises terrorist organizations while condemning Israel and America for protecting their citizens.

  • On multiple occasions, Shields defends the Houthis (backed by Iran) in their attacks on America, Israel, and neighboring countries.
  • Shields claims “Jews are the ones who introduced terrorism to the Middle East.”
  • He further spews false ideology such as “Israel also bombed Jews living In Iraq and blamed it on Muslims to encourage them to move to Israel. Israel has no problem killing Jews when it benefits their end goals.”
  • Shields threw a fit because an Israeli-based account denounced the suicide of United States soldier Aaron Bushnell, whereas Hamas offered their condolences. He later tweeted, “This enrages Zionist demons.”

We need YOUR help to stop Jake Shields from continuing to spread his antisemitism – report his tweets here.