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Jake Morphonios

Jake (Rondol) Morphonios is a dangerous conspiracy theorist. His YouTube channel “Blackstone Intelligence Network” was “temporarily” removed from the social media platform for repeated content violations in March 2018. Morphonios spreads antisemitism on social media, peddles in vile antisemitic conspiracy theories, minimizes the Holocaust, and romanticizes the antisemitic BDS movement

Some of Morphonios’ antisemitic tweets include:

  • May 2018: “Jews only make up 1% of the USA. Why are we okay with the 1% having so much power over the USA?”
  • September 2018: “The Jewish controlled Council on Foreign Relations writes US policy.”
  • August 2019: “I believe that Trump has sold us out to Israel and the Zionist-Globalist agenda.”

In November 2018, Morphonios tweeted a horrific antisemitic conspiracy theory: “Forget #RussiaGate. Why don’t our politicians talk about #IsraelGate – the influence-peddling/buying and selling of US officials by the Israeli Lobby? Because most of our politicians, including @realDonaldTrump, are in the pockets of the #Zionist machine. Resist #Zionism!”

Jake Morphonios also engages in Holocaust revisionism, a popular form of antisemitism where bigots deny or minimize key aspects of the Holocaust. For instance, throughout his videos Morphonios falsely proclaimed the following:

  • “Approximately 250,000 Jews died during this time. Not six million.”
  • “Zyklon B, there were gas chambers there, yes, but not for gassing and killing the Jews, it was to eradicate the little critters that were carrying the Typhoid.”
  • “The slaughter of the German people themselves, the Germans, after WW2 was far worse than was done to the Jews during the war.”

Morphonios is also a devoted defender of antisemite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. In March 2019 he tweeted: “Great info on the Ilhan Omar controversy & how her stand against AIPAC has emboldened some media outlets into allowing criticism of #Israel and its influence on US politics. #IStandWithIlhan”.

Additionally, Jake Morphonios constantly expresses his support of the vile BDS movement; in July 2019 he tweeted “HR 246 – a resolution ‘to condemn the #BDS campaign as anti-Israel, anti-peace & damaging to U.S. interests’ passed 398-17 in the House. Don’t tell me our Congress isn’t owned by Israel!” Just a few months prior, he also tweeted “Zionists & their American puppet politicians are trying (with HR 336) to take away our right to boycott #Israel “

Just this week, Morphonios blamed the horrific murder of a Minnesota man, George Floyd, by a police officer, on Jews, claiming that the Minneapolis Police Department received training from the Israeli Military. His tweet mirrored the message of a radical left BDS Group, the Democratic Socialists of America’s BDS National Working Group. Blatant false claims such as these do nothing but incite violence against Jews. 

We need YOUR help to remove dangerous Jew haters like Jake Morphonios from social media! Report his YouTube Channel here and his Twitter account here.