Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Hassan Chokr

Last month, as parents were dropping their children off at daycare at Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, antisemite Hassan Chokr sat in his work van filming the families while screaming antisemitic remarks out of his window that included “F*ck the Jews” and “F*ck Israel.”

A temple security guard later testified that he felt threatened when he asked Chokr to leave that day and said he heard Chokr say “you are all going to die.”

After Chokr left Temple Beth El he drove to a weapons retailer and attempted to purchase a shotgun, a rifle, and a semi automatic pistol while falsely claiming he had not been previously convicted of a felony. Thankfully, he was turned away by the store owners.

The next day, Chokr was arrested and charged with two felony counts of ethnic intimidation after his home was searched and his social media posts showing intent to purchase a firearm were shared with the authorities. Chokr was also charged with a federal complaint of lying on a federal firearms form when he sought to buy the weapons mentioned above and it was discovered that Chokr was out on bond on an unrelated charge of resisting arrest in a neighboring county. 

“Antisemitic and racist threats or ethnic intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated in our community, and every such incident will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Karen McDonald, the Michigan Prosecutor overseeing Chokr’s case, said in a statement.

During his initial arraignment on December 6th, Chokr was heard on video calling Judge Nelson-Klein “Jewish b*tch, Zionist b*tch” and then proceeded to stick up his middle finger.

In a separate emergency bond hearing a few days later, Chokr appeared through a video feed before Judge Thomas on several assault charges stemming from 2020, as well as resisting a Dearborn police officer. Chokr was on mute when he pulled down his pants and mooned the Judge and courtroom. Judge Thomas cut the feed and revoked his bail in the Wayne County case.

The right to speak freely is not absolute; words that carry what is defined as “true threats,” such as Chokr’s, are not protected by the law. 

Hassan Chokr is currently sitting in a Michigan prison cell on a $1 million bond, facing a ten-year sentence for his vile, antisemitic, verbal attacks on the Jewish community in Michigan. His trial date has not yet been set.

Had it not been for the brave parents that day reaching out to advocacy groups like StopAntisemitism for help exposing and identifying Hassan Chokr, he would never have been exposed and charged for the vile and dangerous antisemite that he is. If you are the victim or a witness to an antisemitic act, please report it to StopAntisemitism.