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Hasan Piker

Hasan Piker is a Turkish American online streamer and left-wing political commentator who uses his platform to promote terrorism and antisemitism. After graduating from Rutgers University, Piker interned and later worked for the Young Turks, a progressive group founded by his uncle and known Hamas sympathizer, Cenk Uygur. In 2020, Piker decided to pursue Twitch full-time as a content streamer, where he quickly gained notoriety for declaring America deserved 9/11 in a segment where he shamed Congressman Dan Crenshaw for losing his eye in combat. His comments led to his first suspension from Twitch.

On October 7, 2023, as Hamas live streamed their invasion of Israel, Piker quickly came to the defense of Hamas and declared there was no factual evidence of mass rape or murder by Hamas. Piker would later host several streams where he denied any sexual attacks occurred on October 7th or to any of the hostages taken to Gaza. Piker also falsely stated that Hamas does not use civilians as human shields.

In 2023, the popular streamer ‘Destiny’ ridiculed Piker during an online stream. In the stream, Piker promoted the ‘Jewish Control’ conspiracy, a popular antisemitic trope targeting the Jewish community. This absurd claim propagated the fallacious notion that Christians visit Israel to serve the Jewish people.

Hasan Piker recently came under scrutiny for hosting Rashid Al Haddad, also known as the “Yemeni Timothee Chalamet,” on his stream. Piker introduced Haddad as a champion for Palestine, dismissing any association with terrorism, piracy, or military involvement. However, this portrayal contradicts Haddad’s own admissions, as he openly identifies as a terrorist soldier fighting for the Houthi rebels. When confronted with these facts, Piker resorted to accusations of racism against those who labeled Haddad as a terrorist, further stirring controversy surrounding his platform.

Hasan Piker often hosts or streams alongside controversial antisemitic guests. In 2020, Piker teamed up with Congresswoman AOC and Congresswoman Omar to raise awareness about voting, aiming to entice younger audiences to vote in an upcoming election.

Hasan Piker’s consistent sympathy for terrorist groups like Hamas and the Houthis, coupled with his promotion of antisemitism, directly violates Twitch’s guidelines. We need YOUR help – email Twitch and encourage them to cut ties with Hasan Piker.