Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Gazi Kodzo

UPDATE July 21, 2022: Kodzo has been arrested and charged with sodomy, aggravated assault, and various other charges after the body of an 18 year old man was found in his home; more here.

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Gazi Kodzo (real name Augustus Romain) is a radical social media activist from Atlanta, GA, the self-declared commander-in-chief of his own radical group, the Black Hammer. Since 2007, Kodzo is consistently spewing vile antisemitic and anti-American rhetoric on his online platforms, garnering thousands of views and comments. 

Kodzo frequently preaches about gaining black power over Americans who are in his view “colonial white oppressors.” His extremism recently led him to be kicked out of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

APSP has found itself in the center of an antisemitic controversy more than once, specifically after their leader, Omali Yeshitela, stated the Holocaust “is being used against the African revolution” and that that Jews are exaggerated the Holocaust by claiming that six million Jews died by the Nazis. Omali Yeshitela, who has praised terrorists as well as cop killers and falsely blamed Jews for colonialist-era crimes by the German empire in Namibia, was recently paid thousands of dollars by a California community college for “Diversity” training. 

However, Gazi Kodzo’s bigotry is so atrocious that even Holocaust deniers like the APSP and Omali Yeshitela, as they want nothing to do with him, and blame him for a plot destroy their revolutionary leadership and manipulate their followers. 

Just a few days after the world commemorated Yom HaShoah in April, 2020, Kodzo went on a horrific antisemitic rant on both his Twitter and Facebook accounts vilifying and belittling the death of Anne Frank while referencing a derogatory, misogynistic term used for white women – ‘BECKY’. Garnering immediate criticism from all sides of the political spectrum, Twitter immediately suspended both of his accounts.

In addition, Gazi Kodzo spreads false conspiracy theories on social media. On his Instagram page he propagate an antisemitic lie surrounding Jews and the COVID-19 global pandemic, stating that the United States and Israel were involved in a plot to “steal” the West Bank while the world was distracted with Coronavirus. 

Kodzo appears to also endorse more radical and violent forms of action against those that he considers “colonizers.” He recently posted on social media a troubling quote by Frantz Fanon (Ibrahim Frantz Fanon) who often endorsed murder as a justifiable means to an end. 

Screenshot capture from Gazi Kodzo’s Facebook ‘About Me‘ section

In another Instagram post, Kodzo posed with a firearm while happily grinning for the camera. With antisemitic violence skyrocketing in America, we need to ask ourselves if hate filled individuals who support murder, such as Kodzo, should be allowed to carry firearms.

We need YOUR help  despite being suspended on Twitter and condemned by peers for his antisemitism, Gazi Kodzo refuses to back down! Help us remove his social media accounts propagating hate by reporting his Facebook page HERE as well as his vile YouTube channel HERE.