Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Fadah Jassem

Fadah Jassem, a former reporter for Al Jazeera, was recently hired as Twitter’s new Editorial Curation Lead for the Middle East and North Africa news. Jassem will be responsible for curating stories Twitter displays on its platform.

In what appears to be an attempt to denounce the State of Israel, when posting about her appointment for the position, Jassem included the flags of all countries in the region, other than Israel.

Jassem later apologized for the omission, but her long history of antisemitism and bias against the Jewish state points to her actions being anything but a mistake.

In 2010 Jassem quoted notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan several times, including his statement that “we [Americans] give you [Jews] our tax dollar to support Israel every year.” Instead of condemning his antisemitism, Jassem referred to Farrakhan as a “great example of faith transcending boundaries.”

Jassem also retweeted a post declaring that Israel was “not born” but rather “dropped like a bomb in the middle of Palestine” and amplified the false narrative that “Jesus was a Palestinian.”

Jassem is also not shy about sharing antisemitic conspiracy theories of Jewish world dominance, such as a tweet in which she implied that Israel controls the U.S. like a puppet.

After her antisemitism was exposed, she quickly issued a weak apology calling her hate-filled fiasco “a fascinating day,” claiming that she was being trolled and making her social media accounts private.

Fadah Jassem’s hateful views should be examined amid the ongoing questions about the objectivity of news coverage by social media platforms as over half of Americans get their news via social media.

Jassem’s history of public antisemitism disqualifies her from being an unbiased party able to source content relating to the Middle East and Israel in particular.

We need YOUR help – email Jassem’s supervisor James Glynn at Twitter and demand she is removed from her position.

All of Fadah Jassem’s hateful tweets are archived here.