Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Eliezer Valley

Valley arrested protesting in New York City, 2018.

Eliezer A. Valley, otherwise known as Eli Valley, is a self-hating Jewish cartoonistValley spreads antisemitic caricatures and demonizes pro-Israel leaders and the state of Israel through vile and grotesque imagery on social media and any publication that is willing to spread his antisemitic views.

Eliezer’s background is interesting; his father was a pro-Israel conservative Rabbi and his mother a secular Jew. Eliezer attended Hebrew Day School and spent a few summers at Camp Ramah. For the past two decades, while being employed by Jewish institutions, much of Valley’s covert work was dedicated to attacking Pro-Israel people – Jewish and non-Jewish alike – in the most antisemitic and vile ways.

Not surprisingly, Valley is a member of IfNotNow, an anti-Israel “As A Jew”  Hamas sympathizers hate group. In 2015 Valley participated in If Not Now demonstration in front of the Jewish Federation in New York and in 2018, he was arrested while protesting outside NYC’s Republican Club (pictured above).

Since the 2016 election, Valley’s work centers around the current Presidential Administration and he frequently attacks any Jew that dares to support President Trump. Valley’s vile products are being used by many antisemites as a powerful propaganda tool against Jews and the State of Israel.

In February this year Valley was praised by David Duke for having the courage to tell Jewish audiences what Nazis would not dare! In March he rushed to attack Meghan McCain after the daughter of the late Arizona senator criticized Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks about Jews and Israel.

Meghan didn’t hesitate to respond and said: “This is one of the most anti-Semitic things I’ve ever seen. Also, this reveals so much more about you than it does me…”. In contrast, most of the Jewish leaders attacked by Valley, prefer not to respond at all.

In Late November, the antisemitic groups Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the adult sponsored of “If Not Now”, invited Valley to speak and exhibit his “Art” at Stanford University as part of their “Palestine Awareness Week.”

Valley’s radical leftist sponsors promoted the event by putting up posters featuring his offensive illustrations attacking Jews and Israel, and covering up announcements from a Stanford Republican group. In response, the Republican group posted copies of antisemitic cartoons from the Nazi Der Stürmer publication, exhibiting the shocking similarities between Valley’s work and classic Nazi Jew-hatred propaganda. JVP eventually apologized for putting up Valley’s cartoons on campus but its members actually doubled down on their support for his work and their commitment to the event.

Following the event, Valley spewed hate on Twitter about a Stanford Jewish student who critisized his work in a school paper explaining that the cartoonist peddles sickening antisemitism. Valley was also angry that the New York Times’ columnist Bari Weiss tweeted her support for those standing up to him and proceeded to attack her by making a sickening cartoon of her.

Valley frequently claims to be a victim and attacks his critics by arguing they oppose free speech. He also claims that his use of the same tropes as the Neo-Nazi outlet, Der Stürmer, is legitimate because his work is a parody. However, there is a disturbing similarity between his work to the Nazi propaganda, as Valley’s cartoons illustrate not only references to classic antisemitic blood libels, but also portrays Jews and Jewish rituals in the most horrifying matter.

Together, as Americans, we must denounce Valley’s use of disgusting, Nazi-style imagery which he uses to promote his vile antisemitic propaganda. Eliezer Valley deserves to be treated with the same contempt as the antisemitic white nationalists he claims to be fighting!