Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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E. Michael Jones

Picture taken from the twitter account of E. Michael Jones.

E. Michael Jones is a well-known Catholic antisemite and a failed academic from South Bend, Indiana. In 1981, after being fired as a professor at South Bend’s Catholic women’s college, St. Mary’s, he founded Fidelity magazine later named the Culture Wars, which is focused on the alleged evils of the Jews.

Following Soleimani’s assassination, Jones has spent the past few days advocating for Iran, and claiming that Iran’s problems lie with Israel and Jews who control American foreign policy in the United States.

Like fellow bigot Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the British Labour Party, Jones appeared multiple times on PressTV as the mouthpiece for the mullahs in Iran. Jones likes to call Iran the leader of the free world because in his view, unlike the United States, Iran has been able to stand up to Jewish efforts to undermine the moral order of its society.

Jones’ hostility toward Jews is quite troubling. At one point, he declared that Jews have been “undermining the moral law in the name of liberation. That’s what abortion is. That’s what pornography is. That’s what gay rights is. And now, that’s what Zionism is.”

Shortly after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre Jones said the shooter was acting out the lessons taught by conservative and liberal Jews; liberal Jews promote and invite their murder with their support for abortion, while conservative Jews promote and invite their murder by supporting Israel despite the violence the Jewish state has inflicted on the Palestinians.

With the rise of social media, Jones has been able to reach a growing audience of young Catholics, and brainwash them with his antisemitic propaganda by encouraging them to blame the Jews for aspects of modern life they dislike. He even likes to promote other antisemites like Nick Fuentes.

Jones also seeks to use Catholic teachings to further his attacks on Jews. He invokes the Sicut Judaeis Non which is, according to him, a doctrine of the early church stating that the Jews are second class citizens and must refrain from undermining Christian cultures in which they live.

In his manifesto, The Jews and Moral SubversionJones declares that the Church must “work for the conversion of the group that is responsible for virtually every social ill in our day, namely the Jews, around whose evil machinations the axis of history turns.”

By spreading his hate and bigotry, E. Michael Jones is trying to create a rift between the Catholic and Jewish communities. We must do everything in our power to stop this and to strengthen the Judeo-Christian alliance.