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Dulla Mulla

Dulla Mulla, who’s real name is Abdullah Almasmari, is a Yemenite American “comedian” who frequently targets and harasses Jews in the name of pro-Palestinian activism to showcase on his social media platforms.

In 2020, Almasmari drove around various Jewish neighborhoods in Michigan and filmed himself giving the Arabic gesture for “f*ck you” to an Orthodox Man he refers to as “yahoodi” (Jew in Arabic) and then continues to yell “Free Palestine” at the innocent man. According to the IHRA definition of antisemitism, holding Jews halfway around the world responsible or in some way guilty of the Israel/Palestinian conflict is deemed antisemitic.

In 2021, Almasmari posted a video to his Instagram and TikTok accounts featuring him following around Jewish shoppers in a Kosher supermarket in Southfield Michigan, asking them to say “Free Palestine” on video for him. After being asked to leave, he continues to film himself accosting shoppers standing outside, leading to a short exchange in Arabic with a male shopper who told him that there was “no Palestine.” Almasmari started swearing at the man in Arabic – “May your mom be cursed… May your d*ck be cursed” and ended the exchange with “f*ck you.”

After receiving thousands of responses to his targeted harassment of Jewish shoppers, he replied “DM filled with Jews, antisemitic my ass.” A few days later Almasmari uploaded another video to his social media accounts mocking those that accused him of antisemitism and appeared to throw up a Hitler sign while swearing in Arabic. 

Almasmari also likes to ridicule Jews and filmed himself dressed as an observant Jew. In a May 2021 Instagram video, he faux mocked a conversation between a Jew and Palestinian, playing both characters himself. During the video he denies the thousand plus years of Jewish connection to Israel and chants in Arabic “Palestine, Palestine, spit on you Israel!”

This past week, Almasmari caused outrage once again after harassing Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. This time, however, he became the butt of his own “jokes” as a Haredi man trolled him back. “What about the war that’s going on now between Israel and Palestine?” asked Almasmari. “There’s a war now?” the Jewish man responded. “I thought the war is in Ukraine, there’s another war in Israel too? Man, these wars gotta stop,” irritating Almasmari. As mentioned previously, chasing down Jews to troll them on the street and holding them collectively responsible for a Middle East conflict is antisemitic.

Abdullah Almasmari uses comedy as a mask for his blatant Jew hatred. StopAntisemtiism needs YOUR help:

  • If you are on Instagram, report his account here for bullying and harassment (click on the 3 dots, then ‘report’ followed by ‘report account’)
  • If you watch YouTube, report his account here for harassment or bullying (click on the 3 dots, then the flag icon)